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19 years

Well what can I really say, it has been just about thirteen days that I have gone without the much adored internet connection and comfort of my own computer, and I feel rather distant from the world. I think due to the fact that THE BOOK will be coming out very soon I was really looking forward to the hype and buzz that I can create with my friends I adored.

It is quite amazing to think that in the last three to five years this could possible be the longest time I have gone without a computer and I have coped reasonably well. But I would indeed be lying if I did not say I missed my domains, my emails (even the ones filled with spam), my fanlistings, my affiliates and those sites I visited all the time, the people I sometimes had arguments with (yes it was sometimes very entertaining), But most of all the people that I have longed to speak with again have been my dear Internet Buddies.

I talk to these wonderful people everyday and they become a part of your world, they make you laugh and smile and snort food and drink all over your monitor, they share your obsessions and cope with the ones they don?t like *coughSiriuscough* and most of all understand you. For some I have been able to call or stalk them via the telephoning line and others around the world I have not. It is quite amazing how sad it can make you to not have this connection with the people you admire, so I long for my return back into civilization.

For the barbaric time I have limited myself to sleeping, School work and writing Fan fiction. Out of the three the only one I have really mastered would have to be the art of sleeping. But I did leave the house on one occasion and managed to buy some hawt Harry Potter items. Some stamps, loads of stickers, a weird card game, a big sorting hat bag that looks like a witches hat and will sit on your head if you hold very still. I did also buy a Chamber of Secrets writing set and I couldn?t help but smile. I walked around every isle in Kmart looking for items that would spark my interest and found several so it made my week :P.

I seen on TV some news about Harry Potter and tears welled in my eyes, I think I am loosing touch with sanity but what type of world would I live in, one with sanity is a world that lacks imagination and is careless, every person must contain enough insanity to be unique. As crazy as it sounds there is still room in a society of clones to be unique, it?s how you look through your eye to interoperate it.

My heart does go out to all those affected by the horrible attacks on London, it?s so horrific to think that people value lives to such a degree that they can be lost and just become numbers. We cannot just let terrorists run our lives and have fear controlling us, we have the right to be free both in spirit and in life. How can any person have the right to say they say be condemned to live in fear forever controlled by a ruler ship before them, it is a military playground burnt in a midday sun.

Finally I have to say if anyone did notice I was gone I hope everything has been well for you all. That happiness has filled your life and sadness has not probed its way into your hearts. If we can keep our heads up and dream for what may come of tomorrow we will not ever have to give into the darkened sorrow that tries to capture us. Love and Blessings to all.

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  1. THE BOOK… Hmmm, doesn’t ring a bell. πŸ™‚ You’re I-draw-a-bubble Kya. πŸ˜‰ I missed you a lot, I ended up writing you that letter thinking that perhaps it would get to you before you got back on. πŸ™ OH MY! I spoke too soon here you are… :O Yes, at times they are entertaining, but then again they can be downright scary? :O Hmmm, hint hint? (The arguments I mean.) I understand what you are saying about computer, but then again getting away can be refreshing as well. It is very great to see you back though. When we go away I don?t get computer access which does feel pretty good actually. It does feel odd getting back into the world though, I mean you sort of feel out of place. Oh my? I hope your computer didn?t crash because of all the food and drinks. πŸ˜‰ Sirius, Sirius, Sirius? It?s no biggie, it?s good he makes you happy. πŸ˜€ You are right.. Certain relationships can be very amazing and it does feel odd not seeing someone for a while. Harry Potter is pure joy. Yeah, some people are very much the same. I just tend to not care anymore about them and am myself regardless. I saw some shipments of THE BOOK (:O) on the news and I recorded it. Wooo! πŸ™‚ Yeah, it is a very sad and traumatic event, all I can really say is I hope people learn from it, and see that this cannot continue. Oh and hooray for all this Harry Potter merchandise you are getting.. I have a weird card game too, perhaps the same one? I have Uno also. Har har I want to play it now, yippy skippy! Anyway, I am so glad you found stuff and that it?s making you so happy. πŸ˜€ I am glad you found the time to get some homework done, write, and of course sleep? You needed that man, seriously! If anyone noticed? Did the Hufflepuffs get to your brain again? No more noodles for you miss! That last part sounded like Dumbledore. Albus get out of Kya this instant! FANLISTINGS COME TO US! Pretty please with Cheese on top.

  2. Man, I missed you so much. I missed doing the "last week to the next book" count down. There’s only two days left (Well, closer to one day. :D) and I feel like we’ve missed out on a lot of "OMG"-ing. πŸ™

    And hey, your layout has even grown on me. I would’ve much rathered a Lucius one, but I suppose I could settle for looking at Sirius.

    I’m so glad you’re back.
    And I bet that I will finish the book before you. πŸ˜›

  3. Welcome back my dear. Surely did miss you. You crossed my mind several times when you were absent. Hope everything is well with you? I know what you mean with the lack of interesting with the computer now a days. I have experienced it more than once with my online life. Right now I am experiencing. I have no interest in anything else really except my site. Before it used to be Art Sites, my site, forums and games now I am really not interested in all of that anymore.

    Harry Potter is exciting you huh? I hope you get the book and everything else you desire for such obession. Lol I am sure shopping was a blast. I can’t wait to read the book either. Read all 5 of them and planning to read all 6 of them too! πŸ˜€ As though I may not appear to have such interest I do indeed πŸ˜€

  4. wow. I really wished I had time like yours. these days I’ve been constantly filled with assignments, reports, presentations and DEADLINES.. I never knew it was that hard going back to school..

  5. Yeah, it does hurt seeing people dying when all they did was NOTHING. *sigh* What’s becoming of our world nowaday? Wars, terrorism, when are they actually gonna stop? :down:

  6. All go the Harry Potter fan-ness. πŸ™‚

    It’s great to see you’ve returned. Of course we all missed you!! *hugs*

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