19 years

I want to firstly thank everyone for leaving a comment on my site. I haven’t been on the net much as some of you may notice and when I come on it just feels like it doesn’t matter. People move on and all that type of thing. But who can blaime them right it’s what is supposed to happen in this place called life?

I guess things happen. I think I need glasses, maybe just to read because they are so strained that it kills and I try and do anything and I start having to close them and everything goes blurry. So annoying 🙁

I have been trying to help mum with everything, Washing up, cleaning the house any little bit I can do because it knocked her with snuffles diying and bloody hell it did the same with me. I am still upset even if I ware a smile to hide it.

I think however my main problem is I am lonely. It’s easy to think yes why doesn’t this idiot go and get some friends? But it’s hard I live far away from civilisation and the only peole I know are well tossers? The main ones my age that is. I need to finish school and get away if I do finish I have so much to do in a little time.

I have watched; Shrek 2, Along came polly, Suddenly 30, Season three of Kath and Kim and some old movie and it has been fun. We still haven’t watch the mancurian (sp) candigate (sp) but probably will tonight.

I am saving for my reseller could have it in a month or maybe more *sigh* and I got an e-mail from a driver I have to wait a little while for a driver chat. oh well at least he e-mailed *hugs garth to death*


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  1. *hugggg* Aw sweetheart I am so proud of you. We should all be positive in our lives, and I’m so glad you’ve seen the need for that. 🙂 I will always try to be here for you, no matter what happens!

    I need glasses too, you know. I’ve needed them for 5 years now, lol! My eyesight is just awful. I suggest you get them soooon lovie, or it will get worse! trust me! 😛 And I’m so sorry things are tough without Snuffles… you must miss her running around and being the darling she is. But don’t worry dear. Things will get better soon, I promise! 🙂

    Friends are very important, sweetie, but you’re so right… it’s quite hard to find people, around our age, who can be a good friend. It’s because at this time, everyone is at their peak of growing up-ness, so everybody’s changing. But I’msure you’ll be fine because you are the bestest friend a girl can have! *huggles*

    I’ve seen the Mancurian Candidate. Ack. It was so, so eerie… the only reason I watched it was because of Denzel Washington (I love him) but to me sweetie, I found the fil REALLY disturbing. *shivers* Maybe it was because we were watching it at 3am, but still, it was strange!

    *sits and waits for email too*

  2. it’s alright hun, you’ve done so much in your power to keep youself busy. i understand when you mentioned about being lonely, sometimes i feel the same way too, maybe aquiring in a new projec, or just keeping yourself busy will help take care of yourself

  3. Glasses rule! I wear them! We can be nerds together hehe! :dead: Aww. If you ever wanna talk cos you’re feeling lonely, add me on msn or send me an email or something. 🙂 xxx

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