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Threadless is having another mighty $10 sale and I could not resist the pretty. I accidentally brought 20 4_4 it was a happy accident. Behold, the awesomeness that is the Threadless designers. 3_3

Let Go The Day The Fire Brigade Went On Strike The Perfect Chair Fort Infamous Mishaps Throughout History The Milky Way Hey, Mr. Blue Sky Watch The Snow Fall A Bubbly Beginning I'm Like a Bird! The Night Gardener Springfield Still Life Higher Higher Training We're on the same level Rain Bow Piggy Bank Heist Insomnia Let It Flow! Catching a Falling Star Would Actually Be Pretty Unlucky Libraries Are the Number One Place Where Shh Happens

I have now finished babysitting and I have to admit I am relieved. It was starting to really become a huge effort and I had no time to do anything else. Now I can have some time back again. I also had a nice surprise today, Dad came home for the night. I haven’t seen him in about five weeks. His treatment is going well. ^_^

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  1. Man, I love Threadless artwork. 3_3 The artists are so damn talented! x:cupcakestraw:

    I’m so glad to hear your dad is doing well! ^_^ AND HOORAY FOR BEING FREE FROM THE CHILD! 😀 x:donutpink:

  2. Those shirt designs are awesome!! I’m thinking of buying a shirt from them, they really have some of the best designers 🙂

    Yay for your dad being okay. And woo, your child free! 4_4

  3. That is SO good to hear that your dad is doing well. Big glomps to both of you! *hugs*

    I got the shirt with the dino and giraffe hugging. Too cute. I love Threadless tees but since I don’t have a method of payment I have to ask people to buy them for me or just eye them patiently! 😉

  4. Hi! I’m dropping by for the first time. One of my friends is hosted at bubble.nu and I was poking around and stumbled here. I just wanted to say that I think you’re awesome for doing what you’re doing and I wanted to give you a big hug through the internet! Yay!

    Threadless has always been one of my favorite places ever. I am constantly drooling over their stuff. I might have to take advantage of this sale! I think I will call it a happy accident, too. I love that! Haha!

  5. Hi Kya!

    Remember me? It’s Julia from the chat. Those are some cool shirts! Do you really use all of them? Because if those were mine, (which I wish they were) I would never be able to wear them all!

    Glad to hear your dad is back and well. Good luck with whatever!

  6. I’m glad your dad is doing well and that he was able to come home.

    Those shirts are amazing. The Milky Way one and the first one are especially lovely.

  7. They’re all such nice and adorable shirts, I couldn’t resist visiting the sites and now I feel tormented. I don’t think I’ll be able to buy any ::( I love the Let Go I’m Like a Bird! shirts, they look amazing!
    Also glad to know your dad is doing well 🙂

  8. I loooove Threadless so much! Their designers are so damn talented, I admit that 😉 Too bad they don’t ship to my country so I can’t have it in my wardrobe. I wonder how many threadless tees do you have altogether? :l I remember you also bought some tees before XD

  9. Wow, I’ve never actually browsed through Threadless before. Now I understand what everyone is talking about, the Threadless designers are soo talented, I don’t blame you for buying so many. Plus you can get away with it, they’re so cheap for such amazing designs!

    My favourites, out of the ones you’ve chosen are:
    The Day The Fire Brigade Went On Strike
    Higher Higher
    Insomnia (I’d like this shirt too!)

    I’m glad that your Dad came home for the night & that his treatment is going well. 🙂 I hope the treatment keeps making him better!

  10. first off i’m glad to hear treatment is smoothly going for your father. i have to get updated on that occurrence (i’ve been m.i.a on the web scene for quite some time now) but i know when it comes down to treatment it’s pretty serious. so it’s nice to hear of good news.
    and second! these are soooooo adorable. maybe when i have some $$$ to spare i’ve got to get myself some.. for now i just have to wish for them. hehe
    how are you?

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