Tea Time!

14 years

After creating a theme for Kate, it gave me the inspiration to create a new theme for my site. Instead of designing my own image I decided to buy one I really like, so I did. The header image was purchased from iStockphoto.com for 30 credits, a little bit more than normal but honestly in my eyes worth it. Some people are so amazingly talented I love to support them. 3_3

I had hoped to have a bunch of new content when opening this again, but I am due to babysit any minute so I will have to wait until later. So if you see any bugs, let me know and I will fix them soon enough. ^_^

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  1. This is really cute! 🙂 I never had an account there. You make me want to browse around to see if I can find a cute header! 🙂 Thanks!

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