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19 years

I may not be bloging for a while, my grandmother fell over and broke her leg tonight I only just got home. She is in hospital so I will be going to see her ever chance I get. It’s nothing serious but still horrible. She was screaming and in so much pain I hate it.

Untill then, bye.

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  1. Oh, wow! I’m so sorry, it’s so upsetting hearing someone in so much pain, and very scary too. Older people are so susceptible to broken bones too, it’s sad. My Grandmother broke her hip a few times, quite easily. It’s just so common when you?re older. I really hope she will be okay, and nothing worse happens. It’s understandable you may not be blogging and that’s fine. Take care of your Grandmother. I hope everything is goes all right and she recovers well and soon. She?s going to need a lot of rest I?m sure.

  2. *super huggles* I’m sorry dear. I hope that she is doing well. Its always awful to hear someone in pain πŸ™ <333 love you!

  3. What I missed a blog!! How could that happen :O That is bad…Lol

    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I hope she recovers well. How did she fall? Do you know? Well I hope she has a safe recovery and you keep safe yourself hun.

  4. Aww hun. Hope your grandma will get better.
    =hands a bunch of internet/invisble flowers=

    Don’t be too stress k, or you may fall sick. ;D

    I don’t think I commented on one blog ~ thanks for the niceee linky banner. It probably take a while.. many of there. xD

  5. Omg Kya. I’m so sorry to hear this news about your grandma. You, your grandma & your family are in my prayers. You’ve just gotta have faith Kya. I have a little angel which my auntie gave to me when she found out she had cancer. It’s silver & it’s holding a heart in it’s hands, & on it’s wings, it has ‘faith’ written. I never go any where without it & it’s changed my life. You’ve gotta do the same Kya. Have faith ok? I have faith in you. I love you. xo ♥

  6. Aww… *HUG* I’m sorry, Kya. I’m sending oodles of positive vibes so your grandmother will get well soon. It’s always difficult to see someone you love in pain.

    I’ll miss you in the meantime. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh wow, I feel really sorry for you and for your grandmother. I hope she is better soon -hugs-

    Btw, I love your layout so much ??

  8. Oh my goodness, I’m so sad to hear that about your grandmother! That is terrible and I don’t blame you for not updating for a while, til she gets better. Best wishes and thoughts to you and your family, and most of all your grandma. Take care. <3

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