13 years

Hazar, I have managed to keep blogging regularly (for how long, that IS the question). At the moment my days are completely consumed by study. They wouldn’t be if I had of stayed on pace and paid proper attention to the work as required in the first several weeks that I began (ah the life of a procrastinator). The deadline is Wednesday, it is almost 12am on Tuesday. I can do this. I am not having a problem in any sense, it is just the time and devotion to each topic and how far I am trying to push myself to really do well. I expect a lot of criticism on my first assignment and from that I hope to work harder.

Basically, study is my world at the moment as I try and push myself forward.

I thought I would also mention the situation with my Poppy. He is still in hospital and he has been having ups and downs. I can’t help feeling really guilty about spending so much time devoted to study instead of trying to spend time with him. I am caught between what I want and what I feel is my obligation of my heart and blood. I am seeing him tomorrow, I just feel like I should be around. Eh, I don’t know.


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