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17 years

I had this weird dream last week that I had dreadlocks and I woke up trying to decide if I wanted them or not, and while I don’t think about it all the time, I sometimes randomly find myself thinking about it. I once had them, when I was in high school and they could be annoying, mainly when I was trying to wash my hair. I also find that I do sometimes enjoy being able to ‘style’ my hair at the moment, so it probably won’t be anything I decide to do in the near future.

I have been naughty with shopping lately, my biggest blow out, a Lucius Malfoy replica cane. But man, it’s so hot and LUCIUS! I also brought some jewelry a CD and some domains, not all that bad, but the cane took a huge wad of my cash, but so worth it!

I got my Bob Dylan tickets! I am very excited about that. I was supposed to go with Dad, but he won a trip to another part of Australia when the concert is on, so now I have to drag mum along, poor family!

I think that will do, the next entry I hope to write a friend dedication I have not written one for some time, and believe I should, because I have people who are very special to me and deserve the love. 😀

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  1. Hah, being tormented by the scary dreadlocks dreams! 😛 I’m actually quite amused you used to have them when you were in high school – that’s nifty. 😀 I never would have thought you’d have them.

    Ooo, I’m so jealous you’re going to a Bob Dylan concert! That would be absolutely AMAZING and I’m sure you’ll have an incredible time. 😀

  2. Ooo, a cane. Very cool! You have to bring it with ya to the movies when you go to see the latest Harry Potter movie.

    Wow bob dylan! I wish he would come to Finland. I’m going to see my chemical romance soon. Alone. But then in September I’ll see Dream Theater with my dad (because he loves rock/metal music). I doubt that my mom would want to come along 🙂

  3. Yay pimp cane! 😉 Although, yes a wad of cash! That site has some neat looking stuff, just it is all so pricey! I think it would be neat to have the timeturner necklace (along with a lot of those items), I guess I’ll need to save up. :p

  4. Aw, you didn’t! You bought Lucius’ cane? The one with the wand that comes out of the top. I’ve been dying to buy that (it’s almost a hundred dollars though). Have fun with it. – Great Harry Potter merchandise. That’s wehre I bought my robe. 🙂

    Good luck seeing Bob Dylan! I hope you had fun!

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