So, what’s your I.Q?

17 years

I have always felt so very strongly that people should not be organised with a number and told how good they are while being valued by a score. I.Q tests in there current form, really annoy me. It is no secret that I am not academically minded, my maths is something to be ashamed of and that I have over the years struggled to learn things the ‘normal way’ but the thing is, sometimes you find people that think, act and are in general, just different.

I watched this very interesting show and how a few ‘rouge’ professors and in my opinion the future brains of our world want to radically change the way I.Q tests are constructed. They understand that people can have intelligence in different forms and there is not one set structure. It is true that some people may have a mind that covers a wide variety of fields and this makes them incredibly developed. You might have a creative intelligence, an emotional or intuitive intelligence as well as an array of others and I think this should certainly be nurtured. I couldn’t imagine how many people have taken an I.Q test, got a low or average score suspected they are dumb when they are not and wasted what could have been a prosperous life.

I am certainly not saying I believe I am a genius. I would be the first to admit I am not the smartest, but I don’t believe I am stupid. I feel like I understand things in a way that is complex and hard to explain. Like life is this ball spinning in circles and I am standing far a way watching and observing it and able to place my hand and withdraw knowledge from its core and it will flow freely into my being.

For people who are similar to me, it can be a rough journey trying to figure out what you can do because you have a system that does not have faith in you, doesn’t understand or appreciate the level of intelligence you do hold. I hate to see any creative energy wasted and I hope the future will allow us to understand people and not be so judgemental on them when they have a chance and most of all see people as they are; a living and breathing soul with ability to make a divine mark.

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  1. I think I watched the same show you did; saw it on Saturday. :O Was there an artist, a young genius boy that played the piano, a chess player?

    Anyway, as I was watching the show I felt many of the things you wrote about. I thought that the idea of IQ tests is cool, but that they are poorly designed.

    It was a very interesting show. If we saw the same one, I was laughing out loud when they had to wear goggles that made them see everything upside down.

    Anyway, you are definitley right: there are all types of intelligence. Some people have an abundance of intelligence in more than one of the types; I think they are geniuses in a universal sense. Then there are people who are super intelligent in one type of intelligence; they are geniuses of their field. Some intelligences are overlooked and that is sad. Although they are probably overlooked because people do not understand. … Poor little dumb asses. We must remember, Kya, that they cannot all be as smart as us. 😛

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