So, lets recap!

13 years

I have been terrible at updating my blog and I really miss spending at least a few minutes each week (or month) posting something. I will try and change that. :0 So, I have decided to recap, there has been a number of things going on since I last blogged with substantial content, so hold on tight for the catch up!

Pink Hair
I have been wanting pink hair for a while now and I finally have it! It is a tad darker then what I want in the photo below because apparently it does wash out quickly, and I have found that out as it’s a lot lighter now. My hair is also short now, I had been growing it for years, and decided for a change and I am happy with it now, instead of annoyed and confused on what to do with it. :3

Pinkish Hair! ^__^

Japan Donations
A major thank you to everyone that requested a theme to be made to help Japan. We raised $135 which is so awesome, and I know it will be helpful in many ways. I am sorry to those that I am still in the process of creating, eh, I am dooooooooomed.

Digital SLR Camera
*bursts* I had been wanting a good camera for years, and I finally found one that I wanted that wasn’t too expensive and I could let loose on a world of new opportunities. I purchased a Canon EOS 500D and I LOVE IT. At first I was getting carried away with how important I thought it was about the technology when the reality is, having an SLR helps, but you still have to be able to capture emotional connections to your subjects. I am learning, developing and hopefully improving as time moves on!

She Likes COOKIE Jay Jays Panda Geek Bag Peek-a-kitty
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Nanna Gone A Year
On may the 5th my grandmother (Nanna) had been gone one year. That was a very emotional time and I still am struggling with her not being in my life. I still feel like she is still here, that she is just off somewhere and is going to come home soon. I really love my grandmother a great deal, she was such a quirky individual who wasn’t afraid to be herself and had a will or iron. I am like her in a lot of ways. I really miss her. ::(

Everything else

  • Bubble was placed on Hiatus and is returning on 1st August 2011
  • Still studying at Uni
  • Still looking after my grandfather (he hasn’t been very well for a while, so it has been a struggle trying to juggle everything in life)
  • I AM GOING TO SYDNEY FOR A WEEK TO SEE KRISSY, CLAIRE AND GEORGINA. Unless they realize that I am really just a weirdo and don’t want too. There will be more on this later. ;D


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  1. I recently got a SLR camera too! They’re so cool!
    I remember when my Nan died, it was hard but it got better, at least we can make sure that we don’t forget the ones that are lost.
    Have a good time in Sydney! I’ve always wanted to go, the Australian accent is so cool XD.

  2. You are certainly not a weirdo and it would be awesome to meet you and your pink hair. 😀 I must find a time I am free when you’ll be here. *giggles*

    Your grandmother will be forever remembered. 🙂 It’s always hard to deal with when a loved one dies but everyone’s time comes at some point and we just have to remember all the good times that were had and that them being alive was just precious. <3

  3. I am looking at getting my first DSLR and it is kind of exciting! Congrats on the purchase and the pink hair!

    I missed your post about themes to help Japan but am still interested. Please let me know if that offer still stands. I just want a simple blog theme.

  4. You know I loved your hair. I’m going through a crisis with my own hair and I’m thinking about getting a short cut. Shorter than yours even hehehe! But I don’t think I have a good face for that.

    A Canon EOS 500D? That’s the camera my favourite photographs on the web use it! I heard it’s amazing!

    Give Krissy a hug for me, will you? 😀

  5. pink hair is cool 8D but I think I love yours more even though it’s not very pink. what do you call that color? =D
    EOS 500D ;A; I love EOS~ /o/
    I’m curious about the new layout of 🙂 I’ve always adore its layout; so simple yet stylish

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