“So it began with World War III” Yes I wrote that in my exam I really know the wars *twitches*

19 years

God I am so glad the exam has finally finished. I wasn’t stressed about it, but it’s something I am glad is over with. I have another exam on Thursday and then one on about the 4th of November so that gives me a little brake. I honestly couldn’t tell you how well I went I just gave it my best shot so I will have to wait and see. I spent most of the rest of the day with mum and an old friend, Cherie. Mum and I went a bit mental on cd’s and Dvd’s I brought five new cd’s and mum brought about 13 DVD’s, haha oh well we deserve it šŸ˜› ‘exam stress’ you know. Anyway the cd’s I brought were; Complete Eighties which has 5cds and was only $20 I was like, wtf mate omg bbq. So I grabbed that. Motley Crew – Red, White & Crue, Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day, INXS – Definitive and Bon Jovi – Crossroad.?

Huh it was funny, when Cherie first saw me she said I look like a rock chick that stepped out of the 80’s I thought that was funny. She hadn’t seen me with my Black Hair, Piercing and the weird spiky look my hair likes to form itself. I thought it was a compliment šŸ˜› I had a good day, it was nice to see her again.?

I have the money for my domain so I will be getting it in the next couple of days, want to make myself study before I am given that pleasure of getting my paws on a .nu domain, but it’s exciting. I am thinking I will use it as my Fanlisting collective, it’s going to be hell swapping them all over but never mind ;D. Speaking of Fanlistings, I am waiting to see if I get some approvals, I have been a bit excited lately and applied for various ones, So I am hoping I can get some.

I can’t remember if I had anything to say or not my ‘bring’ is a bit dead at the moment. Thanks for all the comments guys šŸ™‚ Muchly appreciated <3333 I also hope that guy got his ass kicked, Karma will do it. No one messes with my mummy <33

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  1. Wow, your exams are pretty spaced out… which is kind of a good thing because you can take a break from them and have lots of studying time. I wish it was that way here.

    Ooo that’s exciting you’re going to be getting your domain soon.

  2. Yeah, some things you just dread doing.. Well with me that?s how it is. I might not be nervous/stressed but it sure doesn?t mean I want to be doing it. So after the one on the fourth the exams will be over with? Well, good luck then, and it is great you get a little bit of a break. (: Exam stress? Hey now you just got done saying you weren?t stressed. You evil little thing you. šŸ˜‰ I think that?s a compliment too, you look so pretty as an 80s rock chick with a geetar and smoke. ;D And you were like, wtf mate omg bbq? really? I was more like wtf mate omg cheese steak.. But whatever floats your root beer yo. It?s nice when you ?have a nice day? ;D That is rock sucking news about the domain. I am glad you have money and will finally get the type of domain you have wanted for so long? Did you get my little joke in that sentence? ;D I think it?s going to my an awesome collective domain. Oh, and if you need help with moving the members over or what not, just tell me I?d be glad to try and help. Don?t how you?re going to do it, but I know the PHPmyadmin way. (: I hope you get approved very much! It?s funny because usually I am online when I get e-mails and junk about the fanlistings.. But or some reason this time I kept imagining you IMIng me telling me the category had been updated.. And then you did. ;O Seems like we?ve been pretty on with the happenings of various things lately haven?t we? O: Dirty deeds just came on! o: Before that a major hinting one was on, and before that I put a spell on you was on. o: Uh, dead brings suck?And they stink after a while too. ): That is why the Puffs and the dirty bloods smell so bad. Blah. Awl that is just the shweetest thing. <3 Hopefully he got what he deserved.

  3. Yay wow .nu’s are expensive aren’t they? lol! Anyway I hope you did well on that exam and do well on the others! Aww I wish I could buy a load of new cds! Dammit! x

  4. Hey hun! My site is finally opened, I’m sorry for not commenting in a while. I’m glad your exam is over, it really takes of the weight of your shoulders. Its great to see old time pals XD xoxo

  5. woah… thirteen DVDs?! that’s an insane amount! hopefully they were all good ones. i never buy them. or CDs, actually. i’m terrible. i’m such a music fantatic, and apparently a sorry excuse for one. :right:

  6. Hope you did well. Yep as long as you did your best, it’s good.
    Yaaaay! A .nu domain, I can’t wait to see it.
    And it’s such a pain to wait for the application of a fl to be reviewed.
    Neh neh. Yeaaa I think you look like a rock chick. =w00t w00t= dangling hoop earrings to go….lol xD

  7. wow a spendathon, i love em šŸ˜€ 13 dvd’s i’m so proud and impressed a mother i wish i had šŸ˜€ hahaha bon jovi! sex on legs, but sadly not bagable and shagable as i guss they are amrried ahh well there are other lust objects hehehe

    haha 80’s look is cool šŸ˜€ you have spicky hair? coolies, i trie and get my hair to spick but alas it refuses to work with me.

    a new domain! hahaha another one šŸ˜€ whats this one gona be called? and yay a fan listing collective :D:D i cant wait to see all the ones you own šŸ˜€


  8. holy CDs and DVDs especially DVDs:P Lol Well glad that you got a break now šŸ™‚ That’s always good šŸ™‚ Anyways take care šŸ™‚

  9. Hey ignore my neomail. I still plan to get my site up soon. Like way soon. Maybe even tommorrow?

    So anyway, Im glad you have a few days to study for your exams. I agree witht he person above about the space out thing

    haha I hope you enjoyed those movie, You deserved them. lol

    Ill make sure to comment alot more often bye :heart:

  10. Heh, wow, World War III? I don’t think we’re there yet dear. šŸ˜‰ Don’t worry, I believe I once said that the Pilgrims came to America in 1912. *cringes*

    Ooh, CD’s are always good. Whoaa, 20 dollars for 5? Sweet.

    Exciting, a new domain. I’ll be waiting for that. šŸ™‚

    Take care

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