So fresh, so clean

16 years

HAR, I have about 70% of my room cleaned now. Or rather my room is clean, but the lounge room still has most of the junk from it. I was awake for 25 hours and by the end I was so tired I had trouble keeping my eyes open, but I wanted to get my room clean and put the bed back up. I didn’t find any mice, but I did find traces of them being there. I usually have two or three cats that sleep on my bed every night, little lazy buggers. Mum laughed saying the mouse probably slept on the end of the bed with them. *snort*

I did eventually get my bed up and had a nice sleep. I am really sore and a bit tired at the moment, but will try and have a bit of a rest and then take the rest of my things into my room and shower. I wanted to have a shower yesterday but I was so tired I just didn’t have the energy.

The mouse better not come back again. I dread the idea of having to do a major clean like this again. *gonk*

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  1. Mice stink. We had a few in our basement (which isn’t a typical basement, it’s all carpet and everything) and had to do the same thing. It easily took us a week to reach every nook and cranny. I’m sorry you had to do the same thing. :-/ Not fun! But I’m glad everything seems in order again! 🙂

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