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Inspired Story Telling.
Now for something a little different. I had this idea while I was on the toilet the other day. Haha, that paints a lovely image doesn’t it? But that isn’t the something different, the idea was I thought I would post an image and people could write a short story, an idea of what they believe is happening, a plot outline for a story or whatever does so inspire them. It’s meant for fun, but if you are not up to the creative challenge that is fine.

I think the idea of creating something from an image is quite fascinating and for me is highly affective. I love having input from another source because I feel like I can draw this inspiration and force from somewhere and the ideas just flow in. Having said that, watch as I most likely go for the fail.

Here is the image and I will post my story/idea or whatever I come up with a little later today or some time soon! Good luck to everyone that has a go. Even a paragraph would be fine. 🙂

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  1. A Childish Dream. – 19th December 2007.
    Time had passed by very quickly since Amelia had a chance to return home for the holidays. Not the home she how lived in with her fiancée Terrance and took solace in after a full days work and not that home that she had worked hard to build, but the family home that delighted and warmed her as a child.
    She loved her family and growing up she had lived the best life she could dream and had always promised she would remain close. Time had faded her memory of the promise and as her own life grew and new people were introduced she missed the opportunities to travel home or pick up the phone. It wasn’t an intentional mistake on her part and her parents understood and respected that. It was one that did however make her feel guilty as she sat in the train carriage taking the long journey alone.
    Terrance had wanted to come but Amelia had argued it was for the best he didn’t. She didn’t tell him the real reason. That she wanted to apologise to her parents and just spend the moment with them and her brother Ben. It was going to be special and as much as she loved Terrance, she had felt insecure about the idea of him being there.
    Reaching into her large pink bag with a sunny smiling flower on the front she pulled out her phone checking the time. It was almost six o’clock at night and it would be another hour before she arrived. A few more people boarded the train but it seemed much quieter then she expected, especially for Christmas eve. Something else she felt overly guilty about.
    She had been with Terrance for six years as a couple and known him for ten and the last three years they had celebrated Christmas, New Years and most other Holidays together in their house as a couple, as a family. She didn’t want her parents to think she was doing this at the last minute and she didn’t want to be there, she wanted to be there more then anything. But at the same time she wanted to be with Terrance.
    As the TAXI pulled into the drive way Amelia smiled nervously as she grabbed her bag, paid the man and got her luggage. She didn’t have much just two and her large shoulder bag. She knocked lightly on the door and it opened widely the vibrant smile of her mother embracing her, followed by her cushioned arms.
    “Amelia, you look so wonderful. I am so happy you are here!” Her mother beamed with a twinkle of tears resting in her brown eyes.
    “Me too Mum, I’m really – “ Amelia was cut off by who mother who smiled.
    “Don’t worry I know. You have to live your life sweetie. Your father and I both understand this, don’t fret about it. You are here now!” She wanted to reply, but couldn’t find the words.
    “Don’t you look well” her father said from the kitchen wearing a long white apron and matching hat. Amelia opened her mouth widely and ran into him delighted.
    “You are wearing it, I can’t believe it! I haven’t seen this since I was little.” She hugged him tightly looking at the white material that now stretched hard to fit around his growing body.
    “It seems with age it has shrunk a little bit.” He said in a playful tone as her mother joined them placing her arm around him.
    “Where’s Ben?” Amelia asked after a moment of silence.
    “I think he went off to a friends house.”
    “Oh.” Amelia replied feeling hurt.
    “Don’t worry, he will be around for a little while tomorrow and you can only be 16 once, so why not enjoy it and the same goes for you!” Her mother said with a wide smile.
    After a late dinner they sat and watched TV together. The usual holiday movie, but this time it seemed so different and innocent and even the corny jokes were funny, like they meant some different to how she viewed them normally in her adult world.
    “I think I might go to bed” she said giving them a hug and heading into the room that was once hers, but was now a spare. It felt so alien to her. So many memories of growing up, but now it wasn’t that place anymore it was changed, new and improved. She tried not to think about it and just be happy.
    The sun danced on the window, poking through the blind and warming her face. She could hear the soft voices of her parents and their foot steps moving around outside. In her pyjamas she stepped into the lounge room feeling refreshed and a childish excitement rush over her, like she had not felt in years.
    Her mother, father and Ben all stood together and greeted each other with hugs and kisses all wishing a Merry Christmas to each other. The moment felt so real and so pure like she was ten years old again, but it wasn’t about the presents it was about being so close to the people you loved and not even realising how special it was.
    Her mother handed her a small box with a neatly tied red ribbon. She removed it slowly, not wanting to destroy the beauty and care that had been taken to construct it. She opened the box, and stared down at the most beautiful thing she had ever seen for the second time, a pink shoe.
    She removed the small shoe from the box and placed it in her hand. Mesmerized by it’s beauty and all the emotions that came along with it. Tears began to stream from her eyes and she hugged her mother again.
    “You lost that so long ago, we thought for sure it had accidentally been thrown away. But I was up cleaning in the roof and I found it, up there behind a box sitting in the dirt. It took a while to clean up, but I am sure you have missed it.” Her mother said also fighting off the tears that flowed.
    “You wouldn’t believe how much this means to me. When I was little this meant everything. You gave this to me and it was being an adult, it was growing up it was beauty and everything I ever wanted. I was so upset when it was gone, I thought that now I could never be a lady, it was my lucky charm my eternal symbol of wanting to be you.” Amelia spoke quickly her emotions over powering.
    “I know honey, but you still grew up into a beautiful young woman and we all known that.”
    “I love you mum. Dad, Ben you mean the world to me. I’m so sorry I haven’t been around, you deserve so much better then that. I will try, from now on I will really try.”
    Her mother hugged her warmly once again and everyone joined in. For the first time in many years they were together as a family, again.

  2. I draw images inspired by the music I’m listening, haha! Writing something and inspired by an image is new for me (despite my ‘inability’ to write something good~).

    “Shopping is a woman’s passion. They could die even for one small pink Manolo Blahnik shoe”

    No, I can’t write D:

  3. I find that images have so much to say. It doesn’t matter what it is a picture of…it always has something deeper within it. Though, many many years spent at school interpreting pictures was enough for me, but I really like that idea you have. It definitely keeps it interesting! Rock on. 😀

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