Smiley Time!

14 years

😀 ^_^ :0 ::( o_o

I have added a new smiley set to my blog! This set is of a cute little girl with pink hair (wee) and is part of a four lot set which will be part of the donation package. I also added a few extra pixels I had made that I thought would be fun. You can see them all when you use the comment form, but PLEASE do not take these are they are only meant for those who have donated to Bubble!

Randomly, now ships internationally! I am so happy I have been waiting for them to do this, after drooling over their items for years I can finally sink my teeth in. :[


4 Responses

  1. Cute smilies! I like them :D!
    I will use some now… 8) o_o o_0 >_< :B
    And omg I love the little donuts and cupcakes too, so cute!
    x:donutpink: x:cupcakechoc:

  2. Your smileys are adorable!!
    The cupcake ones look yummay ^_^

    I am now going on a smiley rampage, 8) 🙁 :0 :@ 3_3 x:chicken: o_o o_0 😉 :x_x :j 😛 :O x:donutchoc: x:donutchoc:

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