Slithering Death

15 years

It has been a sad several years with so many popular names around the world passing away. It seems like that crystal pedestal on which many famous faces usually seem to be in cased does no longer exist and they have become more human, no less invincible than any of us. Still, it is very sad, let us hope that this number starts to subside. šŸ™

On a lighter note I finally updated my domain collective. I realised I was updating domains as I registered them but I had forgotten to remove some old ones, duh. I added the new domains I registered for Bubble and once I have some more moolah I might get a few more. šŸ˜›

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  1. šŸ™ 2009 alone has been crazy! I agree, though. It puts a lot into perspective for a lot of people – that we are all equal in birth, and death.

    I love all of your domains so much! There can only ever be one Kya. *gonk*

  2. It’s almost a bit weird how all these celebrities suddenly turned human on us :/ I’m crossing my fingers there won’t be any more any time soon.

    And wow you got a lot of domains! Ok, more than half is for hosting, but still… I’m so jelaous šŸ˜‰ I seriously need to get domains for some of my fanlistings *ponders*

  3. Yes, it is so sad what’s happening in Hollywood with all those legendary names passing away.. Something must be going around because these deaths seem so frequent!
    But I think it’s interesting that after the death of MJ, people are going back and listening to his music again. The newer generations are also getting a chance to feel the energy in his songs and tunes. šŸ™‚

    And wow… 53 domains?! I wish I had that many at my disposal… o__o

  4. Lovely knew layout!

    Yes it’s strange and so sad that so many big names are dying this year! Hopefully next year won’t be like this one in that way.

    53 domains? O.o I knew you had a lot but wow…. that is amazing.

  5. Aw, I like the new theme – it suits you! I know, a lot of bad news has been arising, lately =( Its very sad to see. Youre very kind to the new Bubbles with all the new shiny names you’ve been adding! *squish* x

  6. Amongst the sadness you find some light. It is wonderful that people are able to listen to his music again and maybe everyone will focus more on that than the other problems in his life.

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