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17 years

It’s no secret that I have weird dreams, but thanks to Elise who told me to eat cheese before bed I had a strange but brilliant one. (I’m still not sure if this was the truth or some way to make things a bit HELLO but it worked anyway. ;] )

In other news, Happy Birthday to the wonderful Nicole and Akasha I hope you had both had a great day! Kara and I are also working on something, but I can’t say anything or she will beat me. 🙂

The dream started that I was home alone in the middle of the day watching TV. Then I heard this slow sound of a car, and looked up and a car was almost crawling down the small road behind our house, and I could see the faces of the people in the car and my heart stopped, I knew who they were and what they would do. I waited until the car had passed and ran to all the doors and windows and locked them tightly hoping this would deter them, while my breathing became heavy and I felt light headed and sick. These were the boys from the movie Hostage or if you have never seen that movie three teenagers who are not exactly that stable, and would happily rob and kill me (but Ben Foster, oh em gee!).

Hours had passed and it was now dark. My parents had arrived home and I knew they would be back so I was trying to hide my most valuable items in places they would never find, like between the walls or way up in the ceiling. Dad kept laughing and me and didn’t believe me. Mum did a bit, but was more worried about the state I was in, I kept shaking then sitting down with my knees up to my chest and my arms wrapped around them trying to comfort myself when I knew the storm was coming and it wasn’t going to just be rain. I got a phone and hid it in the bed with me, tried to close my eyes but I wasn’t going to sleep.

It was the next night when they came back. I was in bed again, terrified. My eyes had black circles under them because I had not slept since my first sighting of them, I felt detached from the world around me. I had the phone with me again, and I heard them knock at the door. My bedroom is above / across from the door and I could hear every word they were saying, sending cold shivers down my spine. I turned the phone on, but stopped abruptly when one said, “they have a phone on”. This wasn’t going to work at all, was I going to have to face the worst night mare of my life, would I even live to remember it?

They forced their way through my parents and I didn’t remember anything else because I fainted, and then woke up in my grandparent’s house. Mum and dad looking over me with tears rolling down both of their faces. Mum had bruises on her face and dad had a bandage around his arm. My heart almost collapsed I was safe, I was okay everything would be alright, but how far from the truth I was.

When I was finally conscious enough, I looked around the lounge room and their was many people (about ten) in the house that I didn’t know, that looked so scared and afraid and almost the same fear that lived in me, but this one seemed so much deeper, like it was burning at their core. I got up and looked out the glass door, the whole yard was covered in a blanket of white snow. I shock my face confused, for it is now summer. I turned to get questions from Mum, but she just hugged me and placed a caring hand on my shoulder. Whatever it was, she couldn’t talk about it, it had upset her so much, she couldn’t find her voice to speak.

It was not long before everyone became anxious and wanted to talk about the situation. I wanted to know what was going on, we all huddled around and my mother started to speak. “This is a time that we never hoped would come, and have done our best to prevent it, to block this black plague from ever crossing our shores and attempting to feed from us. But now they have arrived, at a time when we have been caught unaware. Had it been any other time, we may have been ready and perhaps they used these thugs as a weapon against us, or it may have just been chance, the time has arrived and the Vampires are here.” I chocked loudly my reply was high pitched “Vampires, what are you talking about? That isn’t real, they are in the Twilight series, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the movies, they are not in real life, That just can’t be true.” Mum looked at me, her face was different, she possessed authority and leadership that tried to hide the softness and purity of her nature and it accrued to me that she had been doing this for a long time, living a double life in a idea that I was romanced by and now it was the second nightmare that would haunt me and possibly bring to my demise.

I had been standing by the glass door for a while. Staring out at the open, white field before me. It looked so beautiful, but I knew underneath it was shark and deadly and would cut me from the inside out. I tried to think about anything else, and then I seen it. My grandfather was out in the snow, he looked scared and afraid. Without even thinking I ran to the door and opened it, everyone screaming no and closing the door behind me. I ran over to him, he screamed about a pain in his chest and I tried to walk him back to the house. He whispered softly to me about something he needed that was in the house that he came from across the road and that he needed it. I agreed, I would do anything for him I loved him.

I ran across the road and climbed over the gate and ran towards the house, but the air changed. Soft gusts blew on my face and the icy chills almost made me froze. I tried to start breathing, to make my body turn and run back, but I felt frozen. It was the strangest of sights that brought me back to reality. A group of ten Kangaroos stood behind me all standing up high on their blacklegs. For a minute I thought they were going to attack me, but it became obvious when one kept flicking his head back towards my grandparents house. I had my mouth open in shock, but I started to run and didn’t look back. I could hear the growls and coughs of the Kangaroos and loud crashing and tackling noises but I had to get back, to be safe.

When I approached the house the door was open. My heart started to thump over time and fail. Had I let a trap into the house and in tern killed everyone. I collapsed on the ground again and felt someone carry me, they felt soft and warm and I huddled into them.

When I woke up the second time, I was in a new house. Many years had passed and I was older and had lived them I got up from the lounge mum and dad were talking to a group of people, my face blushed red when I seen him. For a moment I wasn’t sure if I should step back or giggle uncontrollable but thankfully my mouth was closed. “We thought we would come back. Having heard about your troubles.” He said looking at me “Thank you Sylar, we do appreciate that.” Mum replied sitting on the edge of the lounge. Hearing his name made my heart explode, and he smirked possibly observing the changing colours of my face. “I would like to stay and kill them.” He said abruptly while mum smiled. “As I say, any help that we can have is greatly appreciated. But I would like to make one rule perfectly clear. None of us are to be harmed. Including my daughter.” She said clearly, but the last part was out of focus compared to the rest and I looked up at her, embarrassed. I didn’t want to look at him, I could only imagine the look he wore on his face. “I do, want to talk to you.” He said to me approaching and taking my hand. We walked into this weird room that had some type of well in it. I was nervous for a moment. He closed the door and stared at me.

“It’s crazy – “ I started but was interrupted by his sound to silence me. He moved in closer to me, my heart began to race again, I may have been going to explode. He leaned in and kissed me. I felt like I was floating, a million miles away from everything that was happening. He was like heaven in a demons shell, but his devil horns added to all the beauty. Someone knocked at the door and opened it, one of his people walked in. His voice was deep and violent as he still held me and told them to go away, in a manner of speaking. I flinched for a moment, but his face softened. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t hurt you. You’re not broken.” I laughed and kissed him again.

And then it was over. My dream that is, just when I wish it would go on forever. My first dream about Sylar, oh boy. That guy is just too much. When you get a new interest sometimes they hit home hard, but divine is all I can say. To anyone that has read the Twilight series I think my brain did borrow some ideas from that, but hey it is a good series.

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  1. Hahaha! Wow. That went from the worst dream ever to the best, huh? Kya and Sylar sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
    Do you know what was up with the well?
    Oh, and Happy Birthday to Nicole and Akasha too!

  2. I swear, I never get vivid dreams like those. ;_; It’s always about long-haired vampires (and they ARE HOT) but still. I wish I knew Sylar the way you did…=] Maybe if I try hard enough, it’ll come to me. xP

  3. Wow your dreams are so real and vivid. I didn’t quite get this paragraph “It was not long before everyone became anxious and wanted to talk about the situation. ….” Lol I didn’t understand it. xD

    Thanks for the comment. Well, it would take me a few montsh to be a pro. I just statrted using WordPress for the first time in Sept. As for the layouts, I need about 4 months. Haha, I can never get the coding right.

  4. Haha, oh lord.

    I think the whole “cheese makes you have crazy dreams” thing was debunked a few years back, but I still stand by my beliefs. Your dream is just proof!

    Stick!Sylar has perfect eyebrows. I want to touch them. With my tongue.

  5. Wow, that was long and detailed! I do have weird, extremely detailed dreams once in awhile, but lately I’ve been having what I call ‘mini-dreams’ — little flashes here and there 😛

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