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18 years

Thanks very much for all the welcomes, very much appreciated. I still love this domain it’s very precious, in all it’s cuteness.

What has been going on? Well I have been working on the network like made. Down to looking for trouble checkers now, I am sure we will be able to find a number of people.

I talked to Nicole on the phone last night, for I think it was two hours! We always have fun, being us and slightly weird. *snuggles Nicole*

I am also very excited about something, that will happen in the future! One person knows what it is. 😉

I am going to watch a movie, I will return comments hopefully tommorow. 🙂 Take care!

P.s – Only about four months untill INXS. Oh yeah baby!

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  1. hey kya
    inxs is kinda good i think^^
    mmh i’m sorry about the present – it was a tin flower and well… i’ve sent you an e-mail so that should explain why i sent it and thought it would work^^ sorry
    have a nice weekend 🙂

  2. Wow, it sounds like a lot is going on in your life. I have to say, I am very impressed with this new domain. yOu put everything together so nicly and it all looks very good – congrats on that. Are you talking about INXS preforming in a concert? My uncle loces INXS and I have listened to some of their music. They are goood for what I like. I am more of a rock person. Bye!

  3. I love talking in the phone. And I always talk in a long time, too ^_^
    Wich movie? was it good? 😀 At least, I hope so 😉
    I’ve only heard one song of INXS. They are good, but just not my style. Anyways, have a great time at the concert! 😀

  4. I feel for you Kya, I’ve been working like mad on *that huge David project* of mine, which includes 3 sites!

    Only 5 months for me till the Little Britain stage tour! *3rd row* Muahahhahah! :mrgreen:

  5. I always talk on the phone way to long once I get on it. Bleh for me hah 😀

    I wanna knoooooooooooooooooooow! Don’t say that 🙁 You should be quiet and not tease us. Will you ever tell??? *tries to get it off her mind*

  6. Hey, remember me? You probably don’t, but if not that’s okay. I used to be over at Anyways, I love the new domain name, and layout. It kicks butt! Well; I have no idea what else to say so I’m giong to add you to my site. Take care.

  7. Crap. My fingers spazzed and screwed up and lost the comment.

    *re-does comment*

    Network. 😀

    Pft. FUN? Speak for yourself!

    just playin foo u noes i gots madddd luv fo ya

    Fuk Yu talk to Fuk Mi long time. ^__^

    We need to apple and mangos, please!

    Dude. Don’t leave me in the dark! What’s going on here? :O 😀

    Crabbe almost posted but his fat arse can’t get passed me! Haha. 😀

  8. Hey Kya! I finally got the chance to change the your url. I love your new domain! Very cute! Nicole sounds like an awesome friend! Have fun watching the movie! =D xoxo

  9. Hrm… I’m not much of an INXS fan, or at least I’m not anymore. I don’t like that they had a reality tv show to find themselves a new singer. It seems kinda tacky to me. Eh. Oh well. I’m sure you’ll have a blast – I love concerts, even if it isn’t an INXS concert. *lol*

    Oh? Something exciting in the future? *thinks* Well, now I’m curious! HEE HEE.

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