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Happy New Year to everyone! I Haven”t bogged since the new year :O so thanks very much for all the comments :)Â Not much has been happerning, It”s just been quite family moments really so I have been spending time on the net like usual 😀 I have added things to my site, let me see if I can remember!

I have added Blank Buttons for people to take and they are grouped with phpcodesort 🙂 Created alot more link me codes and they are grouped with he same script 😀 I also added all the Gifts I got over Christmas 2005! I think that is all I have done to my site at the moment.

I would like to add more visitor content, but don”t really know what :S Any ideas? I will have the money tommorow to buy some more domains, not really sure what I want at the moment. But have a few thoughts in my mind 😉 Thanks to everyone that visits and especially those that comment, you rock 🙂 < 33

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  1. Hey! 🙂 Ooh, you’re gonna buy more domains? Hmm…weird. I was actually thinking of buying some too. Hee. 🙂 Happy New Year to you again, Kya! 🙂
    And *gasp* DRACO MALFOY…Oh how I

  2. I’m glad you’re having a good new year.

    I love having money to spend, especialy when I don’t have anything I need to spend it on. I usualy log onto amazon then for a book shopping spree. 😛

    I can’t wait to see your new domains.

  3. It’s great to have family moments over Christmas. 🙂

    Your blank buttons are very cool.

    I think your content is pretty cool as it is. But you should probably be listening to something with content on their site. 🙂

    Oooooh. A new domain sounds cool.

  4. DRACO!



    Lol enough of that boy as it is. Eye candy.

    Ooh more domains.. interesting. Don’t buy too much alright dear, you need to handle all of them.

    And You Rock Hun!

  5. OMG you missed on of my blogs? *dies* That is awful!!!


    I have been revamping a bit too, I’ll give you some suggestions if I can come up with any 😉

    take care xoxoxox

  6. omg draco *drools*

    Happy new year doll!

    😀 you’ve been a busy bunny, all the stuff you’ve added :D:D:D woot! go Kya!

    aww Kya more domains hehehe I’m seriously thinking about that Snape one now! look what youve done hahahahahahah a place for my love *cough* i mean home for the best character ever *cough* bad throat 😉

    soooo more domains eh 😀 what you wanna get huh huh I shouldnt have eaten that sugar, could you imagin neville on a sugar rush wow that’d be some crazy sheet!

    bye bye hun from Erin, Neville, Rebecca, Anthony, Sprouty, Snape, Tybalt and Winifred and umm who am I oh yeah i forget :S

  7. Horray! Happy belated New Year, lovie!

    I shall put my pondering cap on and do some massive pondering on your behalf in terms of some content stuffs. Mind you, I’m the worst at coming up with that kind of stuff. Hence, the lack-age at my site. Dude, do I ever need to revamp… gah! Just thinking it makes me stress *flails*

    Eheheheheheheeeeeeee!!!111!! More little domains of love! How exciting! *cough*whore*cough* 😀


  8. ooo draco malfoy.. =)

    happy new years to you too!

    can never have too much domains space, can you.

    what about some simple html/css/coding or any graphical tutorials? hope i’ve helped. =)

  9. I love your new layout! Sorry I haven’t visited in a while =( Good job on the stuff you added! And have fun buying more domains! hehe

  10. :O wee yay lotsa updates 😀 Yay! *shall be checking it outs*
    holy shizzle *dies* more domains? 😀 I wouldn’t know what to do with a second domain and you have a gazillion ;). Well have fun with thems and I shall be looking forward to them.. and maybe possibly have a sneaky peaky :O shhh 😛
    LOVE me and loyal spanner 😉

  11. Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year to the person-who-always-makes-everyone-smile-and-is-one-of-the-most-beautiful-people-alive,

    Kya? Is there a girl called KYA here?! I know a girl called Kya! She’s bubbly, addicted to domains, loves HP, Dmn, Lost, her friends, is generous, absolutely crazy, but one of the best friends a girl could have. Anyone see her?

    *points and points* THERE she is! And there she always will be. 🙂 I hope you’re doing fabulously Kya, as I know you’re with family and thats great. Miss you loads and sorry for not being able to be here earlier – I love you, and take care! 😀

  12. happy 2006!! you sure are domain-crazy… how many do you have as of now anyways? don’t worry about not blogging enough… I mean, I have a bad habit of forgetting to blog too. wait, no– DO worry about not blogging enough! I DEMAND UPDATES EVERYTIME I COME! >:O Hahaha… take care!

  13. I decided to check out the buttons. They are nice! I’m envious of all your gifts 🙂 I’m glad you have been spending a lot of time with your family lately. That’s always good. Idk, I dont spend as much time with mine anymore. lol you have alot of domains. Have fun getting new one

  14. Ahh, I haven’t commented in the longest time. Been awfully busy over the holidays, especially since I just moved. 😛 Well, I hope you had a fabulous holiday and a happy new year. I really like this new layout and the Draco banner up there. 🙂

    You’re buying more domains Kya? My goodness, girl. 😉

  15. Hi Mary my name is Sure, I mean Sue. 😀 I suvk. 🙁 SUCK* You’re welcome for all the comments. :O I’m doing that again, taking thanks for something I didn’t do. Tsk, tsk. :O The blank buttons look great as do all of your link me buttons! You make fantastic buttons seriously. PHPcodesort rocks. ;D Awl, look at all the pretty gifts too. 😀 Mmm visitor content, mmm.. My brings are kind of hurting at the moment so I’ve got nothing. Sorry. 🙁 Um second thought, maybe blends or wallpapers, or something? I don’t know. :O Ahhh domains! :O I need to get you some domain repellent or something. :S A cure for the common domain whore that is mm hmm, best thing since sliced bread. I don’t know what I’m saying. I think I’m actually feeling the needles.. noodles eating my brings. :O It’s a pretty odd feeling. OMG my Ferrets are going nuts, okay back. I swear they are insane evil little angels of death but how I love them so. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work on your sites, and I hope you come up with some more visitor content ideas. I also hope you’re feeling more better now and your mom starts getting better soon toon too* Family time is very, very good. See ya later tater tort tot* That reminds me of tater tart.// AHAHAHA Why is that funny Umm, I uh, never mind. :Q :F 😀

  16. Hey! It’s great to know that you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! You could add wallpapers, tutorials, jokes, blends or smilies? You getting a new domain? Are you keeping this one? Well, I can’t wait to see it when you buy it! Take care! 🙂

  17. PS: You haven`t “bogged” since the new year? 😛 Then I suggest you hurry along! 😉 Heeeee.

    *giggle* Just kidding, m`dear. You`re beeeaaautiful.

  18. Happy new year to you too! I am sorry, I been a bad hostee, not commenting..

    Wow.. more domains.. lol The layout is awesome too.. very pimp.. lol

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