SIMple but fun.

19 years

Ok I better start writing I was to busy tapping away to this song :O booger brain I think so :doze:

I am completely obsessed with the sims now, I got the university pack from Leasy :satisfied: for my birthday and everytime I used it before it would crash. But I had to install it again it does crash sometimes I just have to remember to save I SERIOUSLY need more ram, very very soon.

whoa 18 comments that is so weird and freaky and brilliant and yess 🙂

I have a new hosty toasty please love Polina because she rocks!!

I have to go into town tommorow to go shopping and help mum and I want to buy some new cd’s I have about $60 of birthday money might be able to buy 4 cd’s but I think I really need to 🙂 YESSS I DO mwwuahsaha

I have spent most of today trying to install Grey Matter for Polina and I have accomplised that *dances*

😛 😛 😛

Ok I better go now, my sims are calling 🙂

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  1. :O YAy! 😛 Kassers is listening to Holiday! What a legendous song 😉 hehe. not booger brain *pokes* lol. Yay for your new hosty toasty! mwhehe your crazy! lol. Have fun shopping! Go buy Green Day album 😉 lol much love my dear <3333 xoox

  2. the sims 2!! YES! I love that game! the sims is like one of the best games ever. right now I’m more into Halo (PC version) gotta love blasting aliens!

  3. Hiya. Hmm really nice of you to spend your day installing that for Polina. Lol she is great though :D. Nice site you have here. Happy Belated Birthday if you birthday had already past!

  4. Only four CDs with $60? Wow. That’s…kind of expensive. But hey, it’s your own birthday money so have fun with it the way you want to. CDs aren’t bad, but then again, if you have cable Internet, you could always download the songs off LimeWire or something. I do that..although my Internet is 24kbps; yikes.

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