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16 years

Dad is home again, he isn’t too well but it will take time. The biggest shock to me was that he needs to have chemo. It shocked Mum as well. They said they believe all the cancer IS gone, but they have to do this to kill any cells that might be wondering around. I know it probably has to happen, I just know it will be a hard road for him. But I will be here to support him, and show my love. I’m pretty much emotionally fucked today. If I wasn’t on anti-depresants it would be an ‘end of the world day’.

I am passing my time today adding more movies to my library. We had brought a stack but I had been too lazy to add them. So I will probably update the online version some time today, or tomorrow.

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  1. Aw Kya. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s battle with cancer. I wish him and the family the best. I can’t imagine how you must feel. *hug*

  2. Yea, they made my friend Abbie do that as well. 🙁 Although it’s gone, I guess I consider it a safe guard, just to make sure all is well and that it’s not coming back. It’ll be fine though. 🙂 After that, her improvement was remarkably fast, and she had been battling it for over a year. So your father will probably be up and going very shortly after.

    Yesterday was definitely an “end of the world” day for me, but that’s something I try desperately to hide from anyone I can, especially those closest to me. Whenever they find out I’m depressed again, they immediately try and make it all better, but that’s like…not what I need at all. Sorry, rambling.

    I need some new movies. 🙁 I might see if mom and I can go shopping or something tonight for some new movies. I have a huge list of ones I need to see pretty bad.

    See ya Kya Kitty! 😛 ?

  3. Oh My. Sorry to hear about your Dad getting a chemo. When my grandfather was still alive, he had lung cancer and he spend almost a year inside the hospital. The pain he gets when he was there was… err, I don’t know to explain. It just makes my family sad. 🙁

    I hope your Dad will survive on his sickness.

    Yvette last blogged: Weird Searches.

  4. Cancer is such a pain, my grandpa also had a prostate cancer. He suffered under it for years, and he won’t have chemo. But I think, it’s good that the cancer is gone. But in case it will come back, chemo is important.

    Hope he gets better soon. And it’s really nice of you for showing you’re care. 🙂

    Rachel last blogged: Every single thing is precious.

  5. Hey love. I am sorry about your Dadddy =( I remember the time I found out my dad needed a triple bipass open heart surgery. Pretty scary stuffs =x i wish you and your family all the strength & luck.

    The domain names you picked are so cute ^_^

  6. Wow, I’m very sorry to hear that. My mother dealt with cancer so I know exactly (well slightly) what you are going through. My condolences.

    KayC last blogged: Grown up.

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