September Already?

15 years

Just a quick blog before I have to go and check on my Poppy and make sure he is alright for the night.

I realised today was the first of September and it kind of spun me out. This year has gone so fast and soon it will be gone and 2010 will be here! It made me kind of annoyed with myself too, for not having any plans and goals I had set for myself completed. Well, the major ones anyway (like having books published).

I have been waking up early and heading to bed at a resonable hour lately. Strange, very strange.

I have been working on my online portfolio like a mad women and everything is finally coming together. I have been planning this for over a year. *rolls eyes*


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  1. fuckkk it’s september already!? just where has 2009 gone D:

    i didn’t complete any of my set goals either, so don’t worry 😛 instead, this year has just been fully chaotic -.-‘

    kya sleeping like a normal person? IMPOSSIBLE ! XD

    ooo and i can’t wait to see your online portfolio ;DD

  2. Yeah time flew by really fast and before we know it, it’s already 2010! Christmas! I’m so excited for Christmas 🙂 Heehee. Good to know that your online portfolio’s coming to life little by little! Sweet!

  3. Normally you’re up so late and you’re nocturnal! 😛

    I hope your grandpa is okay. 🙂

    I didn’t really have any goals planned out for this year, but I know that I’ll have to make some resolutions to get off the computer a bit! I guess my goal was to get to university, and I did.

    Well, the year isn’t over yet, so hopefully you can finish that portfolio by then and move along with your writing. 🙂

  4. I know! it’s September already and I was like WHAT?! I feel like I was just celebrating the new year, boy time passes so fast, I hate it T.T

    No, I had a pretty bad sleeping habit then I got it all controlled and now I’m back to it XD FAIL!

    Wow over a year?! You’re hard working woman XD I can’t wait for it 😛

  5. Yay, the Kyabean is resuming normality! What is happening to the world? 😛

    And don’t regret not fulfilling all your goals – remember there are still 3 whole months left in the year, and hopefully there will be next year, too. :*) Nothing is a waste of time if you learn something from it.

    I hope dear Poppy is doing well too. I’ve learnt to appreciate every moment you have with everyone. 🙂


    Also, what is happening to the world… as I am slowly trying to keep up with my blogging again. *gonk*

  6. I bet your Portfolio will be lovely! 😀 I know, I feel the same about life like that, too! Its just seems there are not enough hours in the day, even months in the year! =( But you shouldn’t be annoyed at yourself, because most of the reasons why you didn’t have a lot of time for yourself is because you were either helping other people or doing selfless acts =^-^= I also hope you Poppy is well! <3 x

  7. Oh mannn! September… and then it’ll be Christmas! gahhhhh!
    Time really does fly by too fast. I wish my summer vacation went on for eternity.. That would be the life. Ah~ 🙂

    I’m excited to see your portfolio. It’s going to be spiffy!

  8. Before I begin and go “SQUEEE!” to you and your portfolio: I haven’t been in the grove, really. I haven’t even said “WELCOME BACK” – so, welcome back! I understood you not having a public blog, but I did miss you and your public blogs so, and I’m so glad you’re back!

    As for your portfolio: YAY! You’ve been talking about it, and I can’t wait to the genius mind of yours spits out the glorious that will surely be it. I can’t wait! 😀

  9. hi sis! nice layout. love it! goodluck on your portfolio! yep, your right. time passed by really fast, indeed! 🙂 By December, it’ll be Christmas. Can’t wait! :))

  10. Naughty year, I guess in some ways it might be good and others weird.

    That is very cool about the portfolio. 😀 Good luck with yours.

  11. It’s weird, perhaps the invention of a time trapping device is in order. *nod* Oh bum, maybe there is still time. *crosses fingers*

  12. 2010 sounds so alien for some reason, like I have read it in a science fiction novels and I am going to see flying sauces buzzing around. Well.. that could still happen it just might be a whole lot freakier then the fictionalised version haha.

  13. I am zee owl, hoot hoot. XP

    That is great you have been able to go to uni and take care of a big goal. I am sure you can accomplish being off the computer a bit… although it can be easier said then done. 😛

  14. Meeeelllllting.

    There are indeed, I shall have to stretch them far and wide. 😀

    Blooging. I was serious a second ago and all that just flipped out. My brain is like, hey guys lets dance now, I am so ready for that. hahaha.


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