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17 years

New layout, as ya’ll probably have noticed. I thought I better bring one of my boys back again. They are special so should be dangled around for everyone to drool over, especially myself! *faints*

I am still dying, because the Tom Felton Fanlisting is up for adoption and it has still yet to be decided. This is a major wishlister for me. Also, a few other major ones are in the dark zone (they have not been updated for ages) so I am starting to go to freak-ay town!

It’s also my grandfathers birthday today, I hope he has a lovely day and I will try and spend as much time with him as possible, because he is a darling person.

I had a dream I was going to another INXS show, I wish it was real! I wanna, I wanna! ;D

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    This layout looks really really hot missus. LoveloveloLOVEEE! Plus its RYANN!! Big goldie stars for that ;D.

    :O You so deserve the Tom Felton Fanlisting and I really really really do hope you get it!! If you don’t get it, I think she is truly insane. Muchos luck to you my dear.

    Happy birthday grandpa Kya!!

    MSN signed me out and is being a bitch and not letting me back in :(. Stupid thing.

  2. Haha I am sure you will be able to go to another one 😉
    Happy Birthday Grandpa!
    And your layouts are getting better and better each time! Niceee

  3. WOW. This layout is awesomeeeeee!! I love the background images you used in the titles. Blue is wonderful!
    I know you’ll get the Tom Felton fanlisting. I know YOU WILL! hehe!
    Aww! Wish your grandpa a great day from me =D
    Take careee!

  4. Wow, this layout is really nice! I especially like the header backrounds and things. And the colour scheme. And the “Dear Kya,” and “Love [insert name here]” -thing.

  5. I love this layout. It looks so pretty and I don’t even like blue. :O You did a fatast job. (Do you remember that?)

    OMG, dude, you spelled Tom’s name wrong.

    Hehehe. 😉

    Yeah, and it seems like the Fanlisting world has gone crazy lately. ;o Good luck with one of Tom’s mini me’s. It can be really killer waiting and wondering what’s going on here.

    I just got the urge to say killer wang.

    Awl. Happy birthday to your Grand Pop! I hope you enjoy your time with him and he enjoys his day. 🙂

    Dreamland can be really nice. Awl, I imagine you and me and Angus and OHMYGODWHATTHEHECK playing on stage.

    Good luck!

  6. Wow, so many things… firstly, tell your granfather hello. He nees to hear it. I am glad it is his birthday. You should be proud… and a dream about INXS? Like a vision? That would be wonderful, lol…. And I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT… IT ROCKS!!!

  7. Nice layout! I hope that your grandfather have a wonderful birthday and that you will get the Tom Felton Fanlisting thingo 😀 😀 😀

  8. The new layout looks smashing. You did a great job on it. I hope your Grandfather had a lovely birthday and I’m sure you’ll appreciate you spending some time with him.

  9. Fancy layout! ^^ Aww, I love it when I dream something really nice. But when I wake up, it isn’t so fun, because what I dreamed will probably not happen. 😛

  10. HOOOOOT gorgeous fricking layout lovelyness. It looks great the layout kya babe. Ooh ah that fanlisting. It sparkles. I hope it gets a good home.
    Hope your grandpa got a great day.
    xD hehe. whooo. fangirlness. ^^
    Have a niceeee week Kya dear.

  11. This layout is flippin hot! Ryan Gosling is pretty hot I have to admit. lol XD I loved him in The Notebook… *melts* lmao Anyways. Happy birthday to your grandfather! I hope he has an aweosme birthday and a great year. =)

  12. Kya, your new layout is…*speehcless*.
    I LOVE IT!! *dies*. If only I can create layouts like yours :gonk:!

    I can’t believe the Tom-Felton-Fanlisting-decision has not been made yet! BUT I do hope that you do get this fanlisting because I know how much you lurrrrrrrrrrve Tom Felton and Malfoy! You deserve both 🙂

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