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Happy Birthday Lora! πŸ™‚ You rock, honey!

I had a weird dream last night, but it was really great at the same time, because it was like the perfect thing I would be interested in and would make the best story! It featured Ryan Gosling as this troubled youth in the age rang of 18-22 he lived at home and his mother Candice Bergen was really disturbed, in the ways that she may have been an alcoholic.

The house was probably in a middle class type of area but I wasn’t really sure about that, because it seemed to be on the street and had a lot of things around it. At one stage in my Dream, Ryan comes home and he walked from the Veranda, there are a lot of other people his own age on the veranda possible four males and two females and he walks inside to hear his mother screaming, he ignores her and walks into the bathroom, she runs after him with scissors in her hand. He tries to hold the door closed but she opens it and stabs him several times in the arm, then stopes. He pulls up his sleeve and I see this tattoo he has on his forearm its a bar code and small writing underneath it. He swears at his mother and pushes her out of the way, walking through the house he sees his father sitting in his little sisters room reading to her and obviously trying to calm her down.

Ryan marches out of the house and said that he just wants to talk to one of his friends. So one guy gets up and follows him, they start walking along the road and go over this little bridge with traffic swarming by. They arrive at a train station and decide to jump the train and take a free ride. While they are walking to the train, Ryan’s friend sees the blood and Ryan says “Just my F*cked up mother again.”

They basically walked around, getting into any thing they could, harassing people, breaking into shops, smashing windows and talking to each other. Many times they would be having in depth conversations about their lives and then sometimes it would just be everything you would expect from a guy that age; Girls, drinking and for these guys, Drugs.

It was really an interesting dream and when I woke up I thought that is a perfect story, a lot of my dreams are really clear and I see heaps of details, like the wallpaper in the little girls room with small stars that is peeling and faded pink curtains that have loose fabric, and just so much stuff. At least I have a record of this dream now! Thanks everyone for all comments on the last entry. What about you, ever had any dreams that seemed real?

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  1. Love the site! Sorry, I just had to say that, I’ve just arrived here. OK, aside from that … dreams are good. But then again, they can be bad. That’s what I think. I sometimes remember things (*cough-normally-when-it-involves-a-hot-guy-cough*), and remember them for a long time afterwards. But other times, everything just goes *blank!* …

  2. Many thanks my lovely!rnWow that sounds like an intresting dream, and I agree it could fit perfectly into a story. rnSadly I don”t remember most of my dreams, I only really remember them when I wake up on my own, and 99% of the time I am woken up by something or someone, and as soon as it does the dream fades away. But I do remember a couple of dreams where I am falling down and those always seem quite real, when I wake up my heart is really pouding in my chest

  3. Mmm… Ryan dream! That”s always a bonus πŸ˜› You remembered it really, really clearly too. Memory of steel! heheheeee Usually I forget mine, or just remember random pieces and then when I try to put it together later and make sense of it… it just confuses my poor little stooopid brainssessess πŸ™

  4. Wow, you had like, a movie dream. My friend Karen dreams in epics… it”s insane how much detail she can remember. I”ve never had a dream where I wasn”t in it, as you did… I have yet to experience one of those. I”ve had a great deal of NIGHTMARES that seemed real… I mean, I would physically shake and my stomach would drop according to the actions taking place in my head. Crazy how powerful the mind can be, huh? Have you ever heard of the theory of how when you dream, your soul actually comes out of your body and participates in all the events taking place in your dream? That”s why sometimes you can dream of a place without ever having been there, just to go there one day and wonder why the place seems so familiar. Hmmmm…

  5. oh my gosh, that is such a descriptive dream. I can never member my dreams like that, they are usually short and not really story like you know? =/

  6. Very detailed dream! ^.~ Hope I can describe my dreams too.. like every detail.. xp I do have dreams, but I can”t give every single detail.. Only small part of my dreams I can remember x.X Sometimes, I don”t even remember a thing =o o.O Take care!’

  7. Wow. I really envy you. I get vivid dreams, and after I wake up, I think ”wow! That would be a good story!” and after thinking about it; it wouldn”t. They are usually really crazy and shift scenes way too often. One minute I”m dreaming about people at the movie theatre, and the next I”m dreaming about mutated butterflys/octopuses grabbing a 5-year-old girl (yes, I dreamed this).rnrnAnd the good ones; I never remember.

  8. hmm..dunno about real dreams but I”ve had a lot of dreams that have come true though, usually about people who are going to die and…sometimes minor things that are just weird… I do tend to remember details (like the pattern on the wallpaper) but not the story behind it lmao πŸ˜› That story is cool though, maybe you could use it?

  9. You are so lucky to have dreams. I rarely dream and remember them. Sometimes I think I don”t dream at all!rnrnAnyway, love the lay too

  10. You blogged. -glomps-rnWhat a detailed filled, tv worthy dream you had. Though tv can be trash and your dream was interesting. It feels like a story already. It is one. While reading about it, I was actually picturing the scenes in my head; as if I was watching it. Ooh I like the train and free rides part. /Aren”t we cool?/ Lol. rnHmm I may have dreams that seemed real to me but not to your extent of vivid details. I can”t really remember any distinct dreams at the moment even.rnAren”t dreams strange, mystifying and beautiful. Powerful. Interesting subject. xP

  11. Woah that dream actually sounds pretty scary. I have quite a few dreams that seem real. Sometimes though before I go to sleep I imagine things with my eyes closed and convince myself that it was a dream lmao, I have no idea why! x

  12. Dreams :P.. reminds me of a song “Untitled” by Silverchair->rn…..rnDreams are bad when all they do is leave the truth behindrnDreams are bad when negativity”s a state of mindrn….rnAhem. But.. anyways. I love dreams. But lately when I wake up I don´t remember them anymore. That sucks. :-/

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