Rolling with it

14 years

I am still trying to defeat this so called organisation thing. I am starting to make progress! o_0

This week I should:

  1. Figure out what I plan to do, education wise
  2. FINALLY finish the paid design commissions I am working on
  3. Organise my bookmarks (haha yeah)
  4. Make plans for and
  5. Move more fanlistings over to
  6. PAY BILLS (blaaaah)
  7. Make sure I am regularly updating Bubble!!!
  8. Continue to make lists of what I need to do …

I also made a new email. You can reach me at (along with the million other emails I have). 4_4 Why not say hi (lame) I love getting emails. *poke* (As long as they are not howlers, yuck.)

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  1. Love! (I am so sorry I haven’t been here in such a long time. I’ve been meaning to email you then thought I haven’t checked here in ages. I’ve missed so much!)

    I am so glad you’ve been organising yourself – I can tell you have because your portfolio is up, too! I am liking this to-do list and it will be so very juicy to strike things off of it (I sometimes write myself a note to make a to-do list. !!)

    (I may send you an email to say HI to HI!) Love you. xxx

  2. Ahhh the joy of domains. I’m going to clean out a bunch of mine too. Luckily for me, the university break gives me some time on my hands to do that.

    It can be a difficult task getting organised and making sure you do everything you need (or want!) to do. I make endless to-do lists but it doesn’t always get done. As Mark Tredinnick says, you must expect that you won’t follow your to-do lists. 😉

    LOL @ my bookmarks in Firefox. I can’t count them. :B

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