Rolling Around On Broken Toes

14 years
  • Happy Birthday Krissy!
  • I need to make sure I read what I post before I publish (in regards to my last entry that had a lot of fail).
  • I have to write 500 words on the impact of music in everyday life, right now staring at a blank page (I can dooo ittt).
  • I need to reply to emails this century. My mind is a mudpuddle right now. :0
  • I have become slightly obsessed with watching TV shows online; Dexter Season 5, Freaks and Geeks (Dude, I loved this show.), The Walking Dead (I only just discovered this and I am in zombie/horror heaven 3_3 ) and a number of other series I am going to try out, like Skins and Glee (I am not sure about this, I am not a great fan of musicals, heh). Watching TV shows does not help with study. Oh the evil delicious.

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  1. First of all, happy birthday Krissy! 😛
    Of course, great idea :3
    Yew can do it if yew try. In fact, I think I can, too (:
    Such a mudpuddle, you are :O
    Duuuuude, Glee is the best, belieeeeve me, it isn’t all about musicals but it is just really good(:
    I don’t have a site, just reply here; I used to own a site BUT I lost my favourite program and I just can’t make graphics without it;
    could you please help me find a free, full version of Jasc. Paint Shop Pro?
    Thanksies(: x:cupcakestraw:

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