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19 years

I would like to say thank you for everyone that left memorable and true posts on my last entry. I am thankful that everyone or at least a majority of people could feel something from what I had written it means a lot to me. So does all your very nice comments about my writing itself. You can only guess how you are appearing to other people and feedback and be your best friend and in some cases your worst enemy.

A very weird event happened tonight. It snowed! To people who live in snowy areas this may not seem like a big event, but where I live it only snows every couple of years and this was nearly one of the biggest falls that I can remember, so it was really good to see. So I was outside in the cold taking pictures getting snow all over me, silly beetle I am :P.

I want to give some Huge loving Hugs to Nicole, Elise, Yimin, Silver and Hilde. Why? Because Nicole and Elise make me smile every second I have a conversation with them and they are just the best. Yimin is just a darling always has always will be. Just as sweet Silver is and I adore her with every little bit possible. What a champion Hilde is she brought some hosting from me, I am no longer a domain hosting virgin.

But I have a special Hug time for one of my dearest, Mel. We run v8fastalk.com together and managed to have another chat with v8 Supercar driver Garth Tander. You might think that it would be a serious matter right? Well? we are not your typical fans and quite mental so asked all the wrong questions at all the wrong times. But we can?t help being ourself and he must have enjoyed himself because he stayed for nearly three hours again, most chats other v8 related sites have drivers with is an hour. I think he enjoys the attention from the girls, but can you blame him we are lots of fun πŸ˜›

I have a thing for Ryan Gosling again, I can?t help myself I seen him on Lisel?s Icon and was lost in a world of illusion and mystery about wanting to chase him. It?s a sad sad world.

This blog is pretty long I better stop now, thanks to everyone that has been joining gillyweed, plugging it and putting it on your site it is appreciated more than you could ever know πŸ™‚

Until next time take care everyone πŸ˜€

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  1. I enjoy your writing a lot Kya, I don’t even know it’s you sometimes even when I am chatting with you at the same time. You are wonderful. πŸ˜€ You deserve the comments Kya, that little thank you image… Was that just an excuse to searching for images of Gosling again and stare at his face? πŸ˜‰ Wow, Snow is just the best, it is beautiful… I wish it could snow all the time. It’s sad that you don?t get to experience it as often as some, but I guess you have enjoy it more than some people would. We usually take pictures here too and run around, one time we began jumping on my trampoline, that was fun! Thank you for that shoutout. πŸ˜€ I feel the same way. 😎 You’re really sweet. I can see why Elise would make you smile she’s a really cool girl. :O Congratulations on losing your hosting virginity. Haha πŸ™‚ That sounds very, very awesome. You two put a lot of effort into that site, and it looks great. He stayed there a while? :O That must have been fun. That’s cute he likes the attention of girls. πŸ˜› You can’t be blamed for being mental over something you absolutely love, I?d probably be all mental for something that I enjoy too, but I?ve never been in that position. πŸ˜€ SO, how many picture do you have of him now? πŸ˜› Gillyweed.net is awesome. :heart:

    Take care wiatch!

  2. so you live in Australia? Or your just Australian? Whatever.

    So when school’s out it’s cold, and when school’s in it’s hot? That’s just a weird concept for me to grasp…

  3. I wish I could get snow! lol I live all the way down in Texas, and it never snows here. Supposedly it snowed back in ’86, but that was the last time. I’ve seen snow flurries, but that’s about it. lol Well, your domain is awesome! And I love the layout (Snape is hot!!) lol Bye! πŸ˜€

  4. Hey Kaykay. How ar eyou? Snow? Well it’s just beginning to be summer here and thank god! I miss the lovely sunshine. Right now it is kinda cold though. But yah. Hehe

  5. Oh my god! Snow at this time of the year? Wow! Impressing! *lol* Here where I live we have lots of snow from october to april/may or something like that but is has never snowed in JUNE! Hohoho! A funny thing! I really liked this site a lot! πŸ˜€ Keep up the work! πŸ˜€ Take care!

  6. Sorry for not commenting on your last blog. I’ve been very busy this past week so this is the first time I’ve gotten around to commenting on sites. I can’t believe it snowed there. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter here. I don’t like extreme heat, but I hate snow! It snows here all the time during the winter, but I don’t ever remember a case of snow in June! Holy! Hopefully, I never see snow in June! lol.

  7. i have a thing for ryan gosling too! omgoodness. he’s one sexxxxy beast! haha. but when i saw him at the movie awards all up on rachel mcadams AGAIN i was furious. πŸ‘Ώ haha but oh man. everyones like eww he’s uglly. but no he’s not! haha well yeah thought i hadda comment on that!! πŸ˜›

  8. I forgot for a second that you live in Australia and it’s winter now there! I’ve always had this perception of Australia being nothing but desert and always scorching…apparently I was wrong though! Hehe. Ahh, I would love to live in a place where it rarely snows. It snows so often here it just becomes a pain in the neck. This winter was particularly bad. We had one blizzard and got about 3 feet of snow piled up! It was craziness!

  9. Ah Kya. You are such a darling. You know that? :blush: You really are. And that’s why everyone loves you so much. I love snow. I respect it so much because I ski so often. Snow, I find, is a gift from God. I sound kinda stupid now…oh dear… :blank: ♥

  10. wohooo…hope you feel better right now… snow? i though its summer or something there, but at least you felt the snow… i never feel snow cause Indonesia is a tropical country

  11. Kassers got snow. Poobummmm. ahha. all I got was lots of cold shivery weather and rain and hail and a bloody case of tonsillitis BUT neVERMOINd (hahha god i love my improvised spelling) because GARTHMASTER IS A LEGENDMEISTER JUST LIKE KASSMIESTER and you know what happens if I say Melmeister? I sound like a kitchen applience. eh. XDXDXDXD lub youuuuuuuuuuuu!

  12. SNOW! IN AUSTRALIA? thats like a wagon of pancakes in the CHAMPEENSHIP! (too much sbemail for me :dead:) it snows like.. around the mountains in the middle of the north island, and down the alps in the south, but never in auckland cause its so coastal. poopoo. :grumpy:

  13. Hi there! ^_^ Oh, wow! I merely came to here to say this, but…Your site owns! Honestly. It’s amazing. I also like Gillyweed quite a bit as well seeing as I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan, too. Well, keep up the fantastic work! Great job! Kat xxx

  14. OMG it snowed? Wow. It’s so hot and sunny here and I go to the beach all the time, and I’m in Scandinavia hehe. it should be the other way around you’d think, ey? πŸ˜› Glad all the comments made you happy :heart:

  15. I’ve seen snow maybe 6 times in my life. Living here in the south, we don’t get much snow…we don’t get much cold weather for that matter!

  16. Dear Kassandra,
    Greetings from the un-snowing land. Next time it snows, could you please place some in an envelope and send it to me?
    Thank you,
    PS: I love you and you rock.

  17. Feedback; criticism is scary but a necessity.
    I love you darling for the nicest, bestest thing that anyone has said about me. I love love you.
    The snow sounds beautiful. I want to see those pictures; it must be precious.
    =throws confetti=

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