revenge of the :F

18 years

Kya Malfoy says: Hello Nicole!
I am Ninth snot says: Who is this?
Kya Malfoy says: t”s Kya!
I am Ninth snot says: Okay!
Kya Malfoy says: How are you!?!
I am Ninth snot says: Ummm, been better. How are you?
Kya Malfoy says: Suffering from the cruelty of noodles. ):
I am Ninth snot says: πŸ™
Kya Malfoy says: :F

6 Responses

  1. F’s can be silent
    :Fs can be loud
    :Fs can smell
    :Fs can not smell at all
    :Fs can be wet
    and that is when you should check your :Ps

  2. *giggles* Ah, you and Nicole are just madness, and I absolutely looove it.

    Heee. AHH! New new layout and everything! *gasps* And it’s absolutely wonderful sweetheart, really quite beautiful! I love you. You’ve done a truly WOW-ey job. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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