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19 years

Thank you very much to everyone that left comment with the intent of trying to make me feel better they really helped me and those that wrote comments to show me how their problems were more important it didn’t help, I probably shouldn’t have bogged at that time or said anything about it because its my problems and the past years have been constant troubles that people may not understand.

I am just angry at the moment; everything is really getting to me. I guess it should be expected but its annoying because I don’t like to go off my head at nothing, and or people they may be just trying to do the right thing. I have been trying to take my mind off things and been doing a lot of work to Hogwarts, it has been helping a lot and bringing me back to earth, instead of having no control over myself and being lost in a blur of shaking reality.

Nicole, Raine, Yimin and Luna. You guys have been such angels to me over the past couple of days that have seemed like months and if I could capture happiness in a moment I would send it to you in an everlasting hug. Your kind words and happiness have brightened me up and helped me to try and find my footing, what would I do without you sweethearts (:

I will go and comment on some sites, thanks.

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  1. Kya,rnrnI”m sorry for those that have made out their problems are more important than yours, that”s quite selfish and rude. That would annoy me if I were you.rnrnI”m glad you can take your mind of everything, sometimes that can help you get through the hardest times.rnrnI hope that things will soon pick up for you, and that you don”t let others get to you. Your problems are the most important to you, and it doesn”t matter what anyone else says. You deserve to be happy, and I hope good things will come to you soon.rnrnLotsa love,rnMary xox

  2. Hey Love.rnIt is your blog… so you can blog whatever you want. I”m really sorry to hear what happened. You take care of yourself k. Hope you feeling okay though it is not easy. I”ll pray for you and your dear ones. rnBah sometimes we have comments that just peeve us of. Delete them if it does. Ba I can”t really articulate what I want to say but I”m here for you always.

  3. i”d like to think that the crappy moments life feels it has to dish out are just to balance out the happy ones … but who knows.rnrn*huggles* dont be silly about the blogging, its good to get these feelings out cause keeping them isnt good. and even if you feel you are being angry at poeple you shouldnt be angry with, dont worry about it, you shouldnt have to applogise for how you feel and poeple should understnad your not trying to hurt them *hugs* sorry i”m not the best person for advise, i havnt been in the same situation to be honest. But i”m so pleased you have a good support system with those guys that make you feel good

  4. Hey Kya.. You know those kind of people piss me off major, but I”m kind of at the point where I just turn the other cheek because there are so many of them that I can”t keep up. No, I don”t know what I am saying. That”s the noodles talking. Well, it is partially true actually. One point for the noodles, woo! I can not even count how many times that kind of thing has happened to me, but of course it was much worse than your experience with THOSE sort Kya. I keed, I keed! 😛 Anyway, it”s annoying and rude, yet kind of funny at the same time, in some weird way. Well, we don”t really need people like that do we? No, we don”t. I tells em” this kind of mindless babble is not helping, and they says *wah wah wah wah wah wah wah* Not wah and is crying, but wah as in Charlie Brown. 🙂 Oh and you probably shouldn’t have BOGGED, porkvert. 🙁 I hope I am not getting to you, but you know how noodle infected brings.. Wait, should it be infected noodle brings, or.. Wait, bring infected noodle.. Dangit I thought I had it that time… Crap, where was I? Ah yes. I am very sorry you are angry Kya. It is very possible those types are trying to help, but I don’t know what genius figured that was the way to go about helping someone. You have done an excellent job with Hogwarts. I tried to do a bit of work on it a little while ago. The students page is back to working.. I do think that the students config and the other pages configs are clashing.. Also, the professor one seems really screwed up, might be something I have no control of so I just stopped. I am so glad you have Hogwarts to help you take your mind off things. I think it’s going to be excellent, you’re great. Oh, and your invitation to the annual Christmas party should be arriving soon. 😉 I’ll bring the rope for you, and you bring the vine, and you will win a certain someone over for sure. Hello Kya, Nicole angel reporting for duty. I don’t know what I’m saying again. It is no problem at all Kya, and no thanks or everlasting hug is necessary, ve’ll call it even if you bring the vine, okay? (I’m really sorry, you know how this one is! I can’t take him anywhere, honestly.) Do you think it seems like we have Multiple Personality disorder sometimes Sunnie? Wait, who said that? O: Awl Kya I would do a heart but instead of a trail of barfing smilies you would get a cut off comment, and I don’t think you’d want that.. Would you even want the barfing smilies? O: rnrnSun and Moon up in the skyrnDifferent and the samernWithout both the vorld vould go insanernrnNow vhere is my vine?!rnrn:( You selfish bastard, SHUT UP!rnrnLovings to you, and I am sorry if this comment is a stupid head, but, never mind, I don’t know.rnrn-Nicolernrn(Oh, and Bon Jovi has been playing like crazy man. :S)rnrnP.S. I like red vine.rnP.P.S. SHUT UP!rnrn*Points and laughs* you said P.P!rnrnrnImagine what I’d be like on Gonnycrack?

  5. Hrm… It feels as if I missed something. Whatever happened, I hope you”re doing better. I think it”s great that you had such great support from friends. Having friends like that is a definite blessing. Keeping yourself busy is a good way to take your mind off of whatever”s upsetting you. I”ve found that to be 100% true.rnrnI hope you”re okay sweetie. I”m here if ya need me. 🙂

  6. Hey kya!rnrnIm so sorry about everything that has been happening lately. Life can suck, it really can. Just know that things will soon be better. I hope your grandpa is okay. Keep high and im glad your keeping your mind off things by working on your website. I do that alot too. Lately I have been in the worse moods and really been questioning life so i just keep myself busy by working on my website. It will probably be up by tommorrow by the way. Thanks so much for hosting me again. Ill keep in touch.

  7. every one has their own problems. and one”s own problems are obviously more important to them.rnlife always seems unfair. but sometimes it isn”t as bad as you think.. =rnwell, i hope that it all turns out fine. =)

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