Public Crucifixion

16 years

I recently watched the first part of a documentary about Schapelle Corby called The Hidden Truth. The sad thing about said documentary is that it is swaying public opinion, making it look like she may be guilty. Horribly, she was recently admitted to a hospital in Bali for severe depression and as a possible suicide risk. I have always felt that she was innocent and even if that is not the case and she is guilty she should be in Australia anyway. It’s horrible (and I do not mean to slam the Indonesian system) but when people are getting a light sentence for murder and 20 years for importing 4.2 kilograms of marijuana, it’s ridiculous. The second half of the documentary is aired tonight, and I am interested to see the direction it heads down. Schapelle’s family has not made any public announcement at the moment, because her health is in such a fragile state. I just hope this doesn’t end up in a horrible nightmare in which she does end her own life. When you are locked in a small cage, with disease and violence a daily occurrence you would probably take some comfort that your country supported you. I do hope the government will help her and bring her home.

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