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Living in the country can be a magical place, but it can also be a little challenging at other times.

I thought it would be interesting to share my experience of living in a small country town (population around 350) so other people can get a glimpse of a possibly different lifestyle.Β 


  1. Quiet and peaceful
    You very rarely hear other people. I can remember as a child hardly hearing a car go along the main road. We have some cars and trucks now, but it’s not that noticeable.
  2. Space and room to move
    When you go outside the house, you can’t actually see the neighbours. There is green grass and trees. I spent a lot of time running around as a child making ‘mud pies’.
  3. Nature is all around you
    Kangaroos jump freely, birds fly over, possums hang out in the trees and kookaburras laugh.
  4. Self sufficient (kind of)
    We do not rely on a town water supply. Our water is drawn from a natural spring under the ground from a bore. We also store water in tanks. Sewage is stored large tanks.Β Our power supply is however from external suppliers.
  5. Animals have room to play
    Having a large number of cats, it can be a bit cramped if they are inside all the time. Having the space for them to be outside and explore is great.
  6. Space for a garden…
    So we do have a lot of flowers and have a position picked out for a vegetable garden, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Having a vegetable garden is another great way to be more self sufficient, it can also be known as a positive healing technique as well.
  7. Fresh air without pollution
    There are no factories, offices or large buildings. The air feels very pure.


  1. Travelling
    If you need to see a doctor, visit a friend or go shopping you have to travel. It takes an hour each way by car to the nearest supermarket. If there is a medical emergency, this also becomes a big concern.
  2. Bulk food shopping
    To make your food last, you have to buy in bulk. We usually do one large shop that lasts for a month. It can be costly, usually around $400 – $600 AUD. You also can’t order home deliveries and take-out is a rarity.
  3. Slow internet
    I am lucky that I am able to pick up a wifi signal. However the fastest speeds I can get are around 4 – 6mbps. There is no ADSL or cable option.
  4. When things go wrong
    If you have a problem, such as a fuse burns out you have to call a technician, electrician or whatever in to fix it. They can very rarely do it that day and you have to pay for travel on top.
  5. Scary animals
    Australia has a lot of deadly animals, and one of the scary things about country life is snakes. We have brown snakes that can be deadly, so you always have to be cautious when outside in summer (I always worry about my cats with them as well). There is also no one you can call in to remove them, you just have to hope they will move along.
  6. Fire
    When we have an intense summer, there can be a lot of fire activity. Although we have not yet had a fire that directly threatened our home, it could happen. There is a lot of bushland, and on a bad season we can have several fires a day. We are lucky to have an awesome volunteer fire brigade though!
  7. Garbage
    We do not have anyone that takes our garbage away for us. We have to load it onto a trailer and take it about 5km to the small town ‘garbage tip’.

Even though there are a number of cons that would be a nice luxury to be without, I still love living in the country and would find it very hard to transition to living in a city or populated area.


  1. What kind of location do you live in? (city, town, country, isolated)
  2. What are some pros about where you live?
  3. What are some cons about where you live?
  4. Are you happy with where you live?