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I have been busy working on Pop at the moment. I decided to upgrade to the latest version of Invision Power Board and I did some silly things and my connection decided to be slow and not upload files properly via FTP.  :@ I was not happy about that. I did manage to get everything together and I am happy with the new version (3.o)! For those who are not familiar with Pop it is a forum on my free hosting website. It is a place for those hosted to communicate and enjoy the harmony of a community. It is also a welcome home to people who are not hosted by me and would just like to chat with like minded people. You should join if you’re interested. :k

I recently registered a domain for an online store I am going to create. But before I open it and begin working on it I have to really feel more confident making my Polymer clay cuties as well as bags, felt snuggles and a bunch of other ideas I have. It is very exciting and hopefully I can get to work on it soon! :3

I have also made an icon site, but I am really not happy with the layout so I will have to make some changes and make it public soon.

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  1. *drool* domains! Well, I have been working on my other domains. Do you remember the one you registered for me, meladori.info? I finally opened it with my drawn doodles and scribbles. 😀

    Good luck with the online store. I would LOVE to check it out, especially from a fellow Australian (shipping wouldn’t take too long now would it? :D). And I’d love to see the cute stuff you make. 🙂

    I remember the icon site. ;D Good luck fixing up the layout!

    I added you as an affiliate too 😀

  2. Kyaaa! It’s great to notice that you are back. This is Sleeper, by the way. You may still call me Sleeper, though I thought “Shiri” would possibly be a more “make sense” online name.

    I didn’t know you made polymer clay creations!? I do too. I have a store at Etsy. And a dA gallery. Oh, I am also stalking you on Twitter. Just so you know 😉

  3. Hey there, your blog looks really nice! Love the layout 🙂 and I love your little cloud smilies 😀 The message board is awesome, and good luck with your new domain ^.^

  4. Hey Kya! I missed you! Sorry it’s been ages since I last visited your blog. I remembered visiting it before but unfortunately I couldn’t comment coz you were using Livejournal or something? Oh well. But at least I can comment now 🙂

    Pop seems interesting! I’m loving the header image you made! 🙂

  5. I don’t have time to visit often, but I really enjoy talking at Pop; everyone is so nice, and it really makes things comfortable. 😀

    Oooo, a store! :O I’m so excited; I have an addiction to cute things, so I’m sure to want to buy a bunch of stuff, haha. ^^

  6. I can’t wait for your online store! Don’t forget to ship internationally, Kya. 😉 I’ll be one of your customers!

    Also, give us the link to your icon site now!

    … just kidding. We can hold on for a bit longer. Teehee.

    Take care!

  7. IPB 3.0 is awesome. I bought a lifetime download/support license ages ago and have never tried using anything else for my board.

    Nice to see you’ve been so busy! Looking forward to seeing the icon site once you work out the issues with the new layout and, of course, the online store.

  8. And I thought Pop was only for the Bubble hosted 😛 Guess I was wrong.
    I’ll might join and check it out, it looks lovely and I’m always open for new places to waste time 🙂

  9. It looks so great! Domains with that kind of artwork are wonderful. Or rather creativity in the various forms.

    Oh yes! There are not many of these kinds of stores in Australia at all. I would be no doubt buying from them if there was haha.

    I managed to get that layout under control. 😛

  10. HELLO! It has been a long time. I miss visiting your blog, I loved it. I kind of missed the whole blog scene for a while there.

  11. Pop is open to anyone that wants to join. 🙂 At first it was more for Bubble hosted members, but I wanted to open it up a bit more. 🙂

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