Pay your way with peoples lives

19 years

[edit] Because of some comments I want to write this, I believe she is innocent and didn’t take part in the crime. It’s not her fault people planted drugs on her, it’s not her fault she was targetted. It’s not her fault she is Australian. She is only Guilty of living. Something the stupid prossicution would happily take away.[/edit]

So yesterday it was declaired that Schappelle Corby was found Guilty of importing 4.1 kg of marijuana into the country (cuntry Bali). She was sentenced to 20 years. This has made me so angry and annoyed at how something like this could Happen. And the Australian Government says to accept that verdict. For fuck sake they should be helping her, they are going to pay for the cost of the appeal and supply lawyers. Why don’t they pay the bribe they have. And I bet that is what the whole thing is about you hear it all the time. They take western people into these situations just so that country will pay. I never want to go to Bali and I think it stinks. After all the things we did for them, but it’s the government :angry:

Besides that I think I am slightly sick 🙁 oh well.

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  1. Well, it was her fault that she chose to help import that marijuana…a pity. She was a pretty girl, she could have done well in life. There’s a lady that used to go 2 my school that ended up like Schapelle.

  2. I’ve never heard of her…but it’s completely wrong that she helped to import marijuana. Hope you feel better soon my love. ♥

  3. My lord. I feel so sad for Schappelle. I’m so, so angry with the Indonesian authorities and their complete lack of remorse and common sense.
    Another innocent life wasted. She’s going to be 47 when she’s released from prison – missing the best parts of her life for something she didn’t do.
    I’m truly disgusted.

  4. It’s very hard to say on these kind of thing cause it’s never black and white. But indonesia is rather corrupted so yeah. no offence to that country.
    Be well soon with sunshines and happys.

  5. Well I haven’t heard anything about this, but if the drugs were planted on her then it isn’t her fault. 20 years is a long time, that is disgusting. Especially when alot of murderers and rapists don’t even get that long.

  6. Yeah, 20 years in jail for something so dumb like that. Hopefully, that can somehow lighten up the sentence or something because that’s way to tight and it’s for weed. Oh lord, those people have their underwear way to tight for it.

  7. Hey, the new layouts nice 🙂 Hmm I’ve never heard of that before, so i’m not sure who she is.. I hope you feel beter soon!

  8. I feel so sorry for her 🙁 I hope ur half term is going fine and u are enjoying the summer 🙂 Take care Kya, love u loads xx

  9. I totally agree with you Kya. I can’t help it. But the whole Schapelle case has made me hate the indo’s and their countries. It is so damn obvious that she is innocent. Someone planted those drugs on her. The damn fucktard indoes are just making an example of her because she is white and non-islamic. That’s what it all boils down to. I want to shoot them! God, I think it’s great you put that banner here on, I get one too. Anything to help her, is for the best.
    Love you hun xoxox

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