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16 years

Happy birthday to my offline friend Cherie who turns 21 today. 🙂

I finally finished Fan Magic! The site is free hosting for fanlistings, fanlistings collectives or cliques. I had a lot of fun making it so I hope people will enjoy it. 🙂 The packages are not that large, but generally fanlistings do not require a lot of space. But I may make changes to them later, depending on how people feel about them.

I talked to my grandfather today about me caring for them and he is very thrilled about the idea. Not only do I help them, but I will also help Mum and myself. I can have money of my own and give some to Mum and Dad rather then take it off them. It’s pretty crazy I am 21 years old and don’t have any income – but I have always been a bit backward in coming forward.

I was ‘speaking’ with Tom the other day (for those who do not know Tom is one of my spirit guides) and he told me in the coming weeks I will have a lot of inspiration thrown my way and I should use it for all it’s worth. He mentioned that it wouldn’t be the last bundle of inspiration, but it wouldn’t be this strong for a while. It sounds interesting so I hope I do take advantage of it. He also mentioned something about my first novel and it wouldn’t be in the form I first thought, but that it would be published and there would be many. All very exciting. 😀

I think I shall bounce off and watch TV now. 😀

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