pain be gone

19 years

I am so tired and sore at the moment it’s horrible. I hope I never have to get teeth pulled again for a long long long time. I don’t mind the drilling or the stabbing and pulling I just hate the numbing stuff they use it freaks me out. They must have given me some that was to strong because I started really shaking in the chair and couldn’t stop she had to like hold my shoulders for a little while so I could stabalize myself. But thank god it’s over! Last night it killed and I still can’t really talk and I feel as dizzy as hell so I am sitting around doing nothing, not much difference then what I am used to razz thanks to everyone that took my quiz (: yo’ll should make your own I love taking them even if I don’t get the best result. oooh and I brought the new dolly (: and and and I seen the v8 yearbook thinger I was so unhappy it was $20 I wanted it ): oh well nevermind, we did get heaps of dvd’s I just watched White Chicks <3 haha oh dear. We also got; Catwomen, The whole ten yards, around the world in 80 days, kill bill volume 2 and......something i can't remember. Oh well I might go and do something that doesn't involve thinking!

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  1. hey babes! i’ve missed you so much, u’ve moved you blog :blank: i didn’t know till know! and i can’t believe how awesome it looks! the layout is beautiful sweetie! as always! good luck on everything! love u
    trackie s2

  2. Aww… Poor Kya! Having your teeth pulled is a HORRIBLE experience. I had to have two wisdom teeth pulled (thankfully no drilling) a couple of years ago and I hated every minute of it. The Novacaine used to numb me made my mouth feel so weird. It felt super swollen even though it looked normal. FUNKY. *lmao*

    Hope you’re feeling better, sweetie! :heart:

  3. Hey sweetie! *hugs* Oh god, I have never gotten teeth pulled, and I hope that I never have to! *gasps* I am surprised that you are more hurting from the after numbing than the teeth pulling, gosh lol!!! OMG I LOVE THE MOVIE WHITE CHICKS HHAHAHA ITS FRICKEN HILARIOUS!!! I also have the KILL BILL movies, which are weird but I love her motivation in the first movie *I think its the first one, Im not sure*…. ttyl take care! xoxoxoxo

  4. awwww you poooor dear! sad eeks i would be so scared of getting my teeth pulled out I wouldn’t care how much pain I was in sad lol. Hope you are ok smile :heart:

  5. my love, you mentioned if I was going to move my blog to my domain. That is so strange, because at that exact moment, I was just sending you an email containing a certain something about domains and blogs…. razz

    *giggle* LUFF YOOOOU!

  6. I hope that you start feeling better soon. smile And that you never have to have another tooth pulled so you don’t have to do that again.

  7. Ooh I need to have a tooth pulled out but I don’t want to, so I’m trying to pull it out myself. Eek.
    Oh you just reminded me to buy the new Dolly lol, I had forgotten about it. I have the whole 10 yards but I haven’t watched it yet, is it good?

  8. My darling, my love! *SHRIEK* I have missed you sooooo much!! *crrriiiiies* KYA! I love it. It suits you so wonderfully. And this domain,, sounds so pretty… smile *hugs* Your comment on my blog made me so happy. I am so, so thankful for having wonderful, beautiful friends like you. I love you :’)

    I haven’t been to the dentist in years. Too. Many. Bad. Memories. *shivers*


  9. At least you’re alive!razz but yeah, the dentist does suck, I have to go soon :left:

    Oh well, at least you get to watch tons of movies! i soo want to go and get I, Robot tonight. Oh well, bie! :heart:

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