19 years

I changed the layout and unwanted.nu is now open. I managed to swop all my fanlistings over, took a few days but all is good now. That’s it :crazy:

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  1. Hehe this comment box is behind the Malfoys. They are punishing me.. I think. I am so sorry I peeked earlier and now I have to get through these two just to leave you a comment. The smile can’t come to the phone right now so here’s a substitute: 🙁 I thought I told you to fire you-know-who. No, not that You-Know-Who, the other you-know-who. The you-know-who happens to be you-know-where right now. *hint* He’s the one who caused this comment thinger to go funny. He’s the one that keeps freaking staring at me. Ahhhh! He’s like Hans dude. Ahh this thing is fricking moving now, it’s possessed. *Wingardium Leviosa he says to the comment box* Okay, moving on.. I think our collective, and you know this already, is So awesome! You did a superb job. And I am happy that you got all the fanlistings moved over, I know that can be a heck of a lot of work. But on a serious (yes really serious, and not sirius because I?m not kidding) note.. I now know how you truly feel about these things you claimed to love so much. We are all unwanted pieces of junk, and no I will not forget. I will never forget, unlike you. You think this is so funny don?t you Kya? You think it?s funny treating us like this. 🙁 laughing inside right now, isn?t that what you?re doing? Tricking people, being all cutsie.. But I know the real reason you chose that name Kya! You can?t fool me! Your evil, sadistic little plan isn?t working with me anymore, I see through you! As the saying goes who needs enemies when you have friends like this? I mean With friends like this, who needs enemies? (I?m dyslexic okay!) But I was never a friend was I? No.. How could I have been? Friends know their friends names and don?t randomly assign them ones, or just decide to call them their own names instead, ringing any bells Sunnie?

    *sad Ferret in boots smile here* – Moonie.. I mean Sonnie. 🙁


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