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19 years

[edit] this was written about about 11pm last night but the server was down or somezing[/edit]

This is just a quick blog because I have to go to bed early :/ even if the past week has been staying up untill 8am. 😥 Oh well what can you do 😛

I will be doing workplacement at the Theatre place which is brilliant they actually rememberd me after two years I was shocked.

I am officially thanks to Elise addicted to sloganizer.net I have probably spent over two or more hours there. But then I am strange like that 😛

I am supposedly getting the money for my reseller tommorow. I would love to but I have gotten to excited about that so many times and it always ended up not happerning, so this time I will take it as it comes. And if it does then I can be happy. So hogwarts domain may be back on the drive ;D woot.. what was I just saying oh dear.

The verdict on the Schappelle Corby case is tommorow. I really feel she didn’t do it and she should be free. I hope they decide to let her free, if not it’s sickerning. For those that have no idea about this and your interested the main thing that happend is that Schappelle was found with alot of Marijuanna on her as she arrived in Bali. But it has been alot of evidence and alot of signs to point that this has all been set up. Both from people working in the air port and possibly bali police. As far as I know she has escaped the fireing squad but still faces the possibility of life in prison in that country. But all will be revealed tommorow. It’s a very emotional thing I hope the best happens for her.

Watched lost tonight, I love Charlie he is just tooo Adorable :satisfied:

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  1. YES I am FIRST! *dances* 🙂 Well that sucks when you are excited for something and then it never happened. I know that happeneds to me alot…And I mean alot. *sigh* Oh well.

    I don’t know all about that situationw ith that girl but I hope the best for her.

    Oh and I also hope that you get your reseller soon! 🙂 And get some sleep! How much more do I have to enforce that on you!

  2. I hope that you start getting more sleep now.

    YAY. I hope you really enjoy your placement. 🙂

    I hope you get the money for your reseller. That’d be cool.

    That slogan site is pretty cool. 🙂

    I think it’s terrible that their having her verdit live. I don’t think that it’d be good for anyone it if she is found guilty.

  3. Kya! Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this site…or on any site since I’ve been gone! I love this layout 🙂

    Yuck, I hate when you get yourself all excited for something and then it doesn’t happen. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll get the money for your reseller!

    Okay, that sloganizer website IS addictive!

    I don’t know much about that case but I from what I have heard I really think she’s innocent so I hope she doesn’t get sentenced to life in prison.

    Talk to you later sweetie!

  4. I love love LOVE this layout! Every quiz I take to see what HP house I belong in, I’m always Slytherin. And that happens to be my favourite house. xD This layout is so awesome! ♥

  5. Oh I read about that case just today. Wow, 20 years in jail. That way to harsh for weed. I think they should have just given her a fine or something..Poor Girl.

    Congrats on the job! WHOOT WHOOT! Love Ya!

  6. Twenty years in prison for alledgely trafficking pot. That’s disgusting, considering I knew somebody who used to make and traffic amphetamines. He got seven years (Was out after only three) and was fined $10,000.
    Something smells a little corrupt to me. [/rant] (Sorry)

    ?Kya is the only way to be happy.?

  7. I read about that case and can’t help but feel immense pity for the poor lass. Hope she gets the justice she deserves.

    Yay resller! Happiness. Howgarty rules!

    Love kasssssyness.

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