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19 years

I just have to blog again because I NEED TOO. 4 WEEKS UNTILL MY BIRTHDAY AND ELISE IS COMING OMF I AM HAPPY. 😀 ok I have also changed the layout on and it’s all set up now (: I have been thinking and thinking about and I wish I was lame again I could imagine it just a huge Harry Potter Hogwarts Role play site *tear* those where the days. How I miss mine and Elises characters of Snape and lucius and Nova <3 and oh dear it's to funny. And who could ever forget Crabbe and Goyle or carbe and groeil as they called themselves <333, hey this was supposed to be quick here I am rambling on xP

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    *squeeeeaaals* That is so awesome that Elise is coming… I can’t imagine how excited you are! *parties* 😀 YAAAY!

    Weeeeee! The new layout at is soooo beautiful. It’s wonderful. I want it 😀 😀 Lovie, why don’t you make into a collective? Or is you collective? I’m so uncreative. :/

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