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19 years

First omg. I have been annoying alot of people on msn being totally obsessed with wanting a new phone and annoying mum and dad so much they wanted to run away from me. Well I did get a new one! You can see it’s sexyness Here I just love it to bits!

I also got my cd’s out of layby. Bryan adams – Roomm Service, Backstreet boys – Greetset hits, chatper one,Bon Jovi – Bounce, Bon Jovi – the power years, Bon Jovi – this left feels right, U2 – how to dismantle an atomic bomb, Robbie williams – gretest hits, Missy higgins – the sound og white, powder finger – vulture street, Joss Stone – the soul session. I only paid $15 for each which rocks because they are normally like $20 or $25 each so I was happy 😀

Ok I don’t know if I have anything else to say *thinks* Oh der, yes we visited my nanna she seems ok now. She did have a reaction to medication and it wasn’t nice. And we brought my poppy his TV he loves it! It’s a big flat screen and it was on special for only $320 amazing! It’s worth every bit it rocks and he deserves it!!!!!!

Ok I better go and return comments to those I love and keep drooling and looking at my new phone 😛
Love to all!

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  1. Hiya, Kya!

    Ooh, :heart: Bryan Adam’s songs as well…hehe.


    Ooh, and glad to see that your gran is better 🙂

    *plots to steal Kya’s wonderful flippy phone*

  2. I’m glad you were able to buy new CDs and got them for cheaper… there’s a store here that sells them much cheaper as well, 2nd Chance CDs, and I can get brand new CDs for like $8-15 instead of $20-29… hah. Anyway. You got a new phone?! Awesome! Hehe. I got mine nearly a year ago (gasp, lol). The page you linked is *still* loading lmao., yeah.

  3. Ah mah gawd. Your phone is hawt. It’s gorgeous. I love it =D Wow, so many CDs! They were cheaper than usual, awesome. I have no idea how much $15 is though. Heh. About ?7, I’m guessing. Which is very cheapo =D Aw, I’m glad your gran is doing okay. And wahoo for the TV!

    I love your site, completly and utterly =D

  4. Wooo go you!! Shopping is always fun. I don’t think I could ever annoy my parents to the part where they actually are going to let me do/have something that I want. It’s because of my sister. She expects me just because she didn’t get to do anything when she was my age I am not supposed to be able to do anything until I get to the stage where she gets to do stuff. For example. They feel I shouldn’t have a phone until I am 18 because that’s when she got it…I shouldn’t be able to have a open relationship with a boyfriend (meaning the parents know about it) until I am 22. I shouldn’t be able to go out with friends until I am 21. *rolls eyes*

    Glad you had fun though. Holy smokes that is a very pricy phone there. It’s a v810. My dad’s is a V600. Lol Ah well 😀

  5. Wow, your new cd stash sounds pretty cool. Even better that they were all cheap too. 🙂

    Loving the pretty new phone too. Very trippy. 🙂

    Good to hear that your gran is going alright. And that your poppy likes his new tv. 🙂

    Have fun playing with your phone. 🙂

  6. My gosh! That’s more music that could ever reach my ears in lifetime! Can I borrow your Brian Adams one? Pleeeeeaaaaaase? ^^;

  7. Nice phone Kya! Let’s just hope it doesn’t act up, so you won’t have to go dropping it on people’s heads like you did with your computer! MSN Messenger is fun that way. 😛 Hah hah, it definitely sounds like you?ve been obsessing! 😮 Wow, you got a lot of Cds. I haven?t bought a CD in years, I?m not sure of the average price now a days, It varies I guess, 15 seems to be about the norm here though. It is very good you got them for much cheaper than usual though, that?s awesome. 😀 I am glad to hear your Grandma is okay now, what type of reaction did she have? I?m just curious, I?ve had quite a bit of experience in that aspect of medication. Whatever kind of reaction it is, it is most definitely not pretty. Awl, that?s great news that he loves his new tv. Very sweet of you guys to get it for him. 🙂 It sounds pretty awesome. Big flat screen TVs are way cool. It took me a while to get sued to it when we bought one. 😉 Have fun drooling over your phone, sounds like fun! 😛

  8. My soul sister! *huggles* If you want, I will donate some money to you to go towards the phone you want? I’ll talk to you on msn about it. CD’s. I love em. But I don’t really buy them anymore because I download songs from the internet straight onto George – my iPod :yummy: Technology these days eh? Love youuuuuuuuu! xo ♥

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