Omg Love yoooool

19 years

G?day I want to firstly say omg 18 comments :O I have never had that many in my life I was soooo shocked. Wow and just thank you 🙂 it makes me feel very happeh. I will be giving some comment love very soon! I also love and adore Abby because she made me such a beautiful fansign it’s just the prettyest! *dances Creatively* eee I have some other things to update on. First mum is home wippppeee I missed her so much she is just the best! 🙂 and she brought some movies with her and OMG we watched Hero with Jet lee and I have fallen in love.

Me and Elise already have the boxing gloves on :PI have another hostee on the way so I will post something about that very soon, in the next blog and introduce the new darling :D. I have written a story, well me and Tamsin both decided to write one because she wrote this amazing story and we got into writting mode, so she set the scene and we both wrote something. it was really great so I will share mine 🙂 you can find it here. – if you have the time please read it, I love to know what people think 🙂 – I have other things I wanted to update about but I have to do washing up and other things I have been lazy since mum came home! Very naughty because I wash up everyday, I actually like it 😛 hehe. Love and blessings! And I will give comments as soon as I can!!

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  1. Eee! Hey babe! Thankxors for the comment! I totally adore this layout! You have hooked me so bad on LOST! I just love Charlie, he’s so sweet! And Sawyer is just sooo *mmmm* yummy! 😀 I’m so glad you had a nice time watching movies! It’s always good to have some chill out time! OH! Metallica is playing in the background! 😛 oh nm, I can hear my sisters music through the walls! 😀 I’m glad you’ve been expressing yourself "creatively" lately! You are obsessed with that aren’t you? And just for the record! I have NO clue what was going on in that 3 way convo with had with Yo! 😛 You’re so crazy! I love you babe! xoxoxoxo ttys hopefully 🙂

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