Oh My Shovelling Shoes.

16 years

My Nanna was taken to Hospital on Thursday night, she has problems with her bowel and while that is getting resolved her dementia has flared up like it does when she has gone into hospital before. It’s very upsetting trying to calm someone down who doesn’t understand what is happening around them. She has been getting a lot worse lately and sadly she may not come home. I can understand the logic behind that, we don’t want her to hurt herself, it’s just the idea seems so alien and upsetting. I want to sit down and cry and stamp my feet and make it not happen, but nothing I do can change the clock turning of life, I can only appreciate what I have right now. However hard it is to see.

I had a dream Mum and I were making a path but we were burying a lot of old shoes under it. Firstly I seen one and thought it was bodies but lifted a tarp up to see it was shoes and started laughing. Once we were happy with our efforts we returned inside and it was a bit of an X-men deal going on with a touch of Heroes class. I had an ‘ice’ power and it was starting to go off uncontrollably (!) and someone was in the house who had a fire one (!) so they showed me some heat and I was all better, while Professor Charles Xavier stood behind me and smiled (What happened to the chair, maybe it was all ‘mental’?). Then I happened to notice this giant medieval contraption hanging on the wall, it was all made out of metal so perhaps Magneto had something to do with the whole thing. Anyway, it was beginning to fall down or try to kill us and I somehow managed to be hanging on a ledge and it was about to crush me. Jean Grey appears and has this hook rope, runs at me slams it with all the force she can muster into the ledge, it gets stuck and we hang on for dear life as this thing hurdles past us. It was so very impressive and just like a scene from the movies. Those familiar with my blog or me know I dream in great detail and this was no exception, I just don’t feel like describing everything.

I have been spending a lot of time on Gaia again. But honestly I have been feeling terdelated and on most occasions it makes me happy. Yes, pixels make me happy. I managed to get a great deal of the items I wanted and this time I didn’t take any chances or do anything the ‘wrong way’.

I have also been missing Witchypoo like crazy. Gary Oldman is god and Zachary Quinto is adorable. Let us not forget Ryan Gosling, I watched Fracture last night cool movie. It was hard to take notice with my constant thoughts of ‘Ry I love you’. But I managed to follow most of the story. 🙂

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  1. LOL! I have thoughts of the same nature everytime I watch Ryan Reynolds and Gerard Butler. Nobody blames you.

    I’m sorry about your Nana. ;_; I can half imagine as my Nana died when I was 10 and my Grandma isn’t really going through problems although my parents are worried (and we kind of think she’ll outlive us, anyway). So I know some-what how you feel, and I’m sorry. ;/ *hugs* I hope everything works out okay.

    And…you have the strangest dreams EVER. I mean I just woke up from having 8 dreams (really!) all random and unrelated and DETAILED and thinking ‘OMG! I’m turning into Kya!’ But they’re interesting, nonetheless. =]

  2. hey I’m writing a speech for English class and I was wondering if you had any ideas? You are always great with coming up with new things. =]

  3. It’s a difficult situation but I’m sure whatever decision is made regarding your grandmother, it will be the right one for her and the rest of your family. I’m always here if you need anything.

    I love reading about your dreams. They’re an insight into your crazy (but beautiful) mind. 😀 There must be like, some underlying meaning that your subconscious is trying to tell you… Maybe your shoes smell like death? :O

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