Oh Happy Days

16 years

For the win! That is what I hope I shall be saying. I belive the battle of the stupid comments is over. I have said this a few times and those damn things have come back to bit me each time. Hopefully not this time. 🙁

I had Kya.nu moved from the reseller to one hosted under it, but I now realise that doesn’t really matter. When I was moving the database over, and taking a look at the bits of database I realised something was really weird with it. I had once tried to upload photos, and it had insetered something trying to make these uploads actual posts, and from then on it had been created duplicats of posts, and that was the time I started to get these blank comments, so all the peices fit together. The way I was able to tell the difference between the real post and the duplicate one was the exta ones had ‘inherit’ as their status.

This probably sounds random. I am quite tied, but I wanted to get this finished and back in order. Now I shall head to bed.


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