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16 years

Things are quite hectic and crazy at the moment. My grandfather got very sick and had to be taken into hospital, he developed pneumonia and almost died. It has been rather stressful on myself and my Mother, but we can only take it one day at a time and hope things improve.

I am really tired at the moment and need a good rest. I would love to have a sleep in, but have to wait for home care to arrive for my grandmother and take care of some homely chores that I haven’t had time to do. It will be okay though. I think I am glad I am on anti depresants at the moment, because normally in situations such as this I would be really stressing out and spiralling up and down.

And the other good news, I am starting to loose weight, so at least that is one good thing. 🙂 It could be a combination of; The pills, not drinking as much coke and lots of stress, oh what a yummy combination. 😛

If I do get a chance tomorrow I might take the time to buy some books, or random things to make myself a littler happier, that can always be a nice delight. Maybe even some random websites to take my mind out of the world.

I think I am also having problems with people trying to comment on the site, I thought I had fixed it, but I am still getting blank comments. If you have tried to comment and it has done something strange, please let me know and tell me any errors you have recieved: kassyoshea@gmail.com just so I can know a little bit more of the problem.

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  1. Oh gosh, I hope your grandfather gets well soon. In the last year, I’ve had quite a few friends who’ve gone through scares like that. 🙁

    I’d say the stress is probably causing you to lose weight. I know even as tiny as I am, when my parents were getting divorced I lost a lot of weight and when the stress died, I kind of gained it back. So hopefully your weight is off for good. 🙂 But losing weight no matter the situation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    I just recently hit up the book store. I needed something to relax me. And websites are always a nice relaxer. They have always managed to calm me down.

    With the comments thing, I’ve commented on the last couple entries, and I don’t know if you’re not getting them or what, but it didn’t tell me I had any problems. It said they were waiting for approval, so I don’t know what happened. Good luck with that though. 🙂

  2. Tell me about the stress and craziness! My life is filled with it right now and it’s driving me nuts. You know, my mom had pneumonia at the beginning on this year and it scared the crap out of all of us. I actually believed for a second that she might die (she’s 52 and look at Bernie Mac…). Now I’m seeing everyone is getting it too and it’s scary. 🙁

    I hope your grandfather gets better though. I seriously do!

    And all the weight I’ve lost has been because of stress too. You lose your appetite as well as other things. 🙁

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