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I am so happy that Obama has been elected prisdent of the United States! It really is wonderful to know so many people voted and are willing to allow change to sweep across their country and the world. I was really hoping that Obama would get in and if I was able to vote I would have voted for him as well (I couldn’t because I live in Australia). It really makes me happy. :wub:

I have registered bubble.nu and have already started working on the layout. It certainly has a lot of bubbly goodness and I hope people will like it, and want to be hosted under it. πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m happy as well, but worried about the abortion issue. I believe in the choice, just not the 6-month thing. Boo. πŸ™ BUT, I do know Obama will bring about some great change to the US, so I am quite happy.

    I can’t wait to see it! πŸ˜€ *love* I love when you build something new, it’s so creative. πŸ˜›

    Tess last blogged: High Times of Grammarschool.

  2. I am also very happy that Obama was elected, although I never doubted he would be elected. *lol* Even though I disagree with his views on some issues, I feel that he will neverthelss be a welcome change from the Republicians status-quo. I look forward to seeing what he can accomplish while in office.

  3. I’m also glad to see Obama elected. I felt he was the better of the two candidates though I’m not sure I believe he can keep all his promises. I shudder to think of what would have happened had McCain/Palin won, though.

    Looking forward to seeing the layout of the new domain.

    Gabrielle last blogged: black & white.

  4. I live in Singapore, so I couldn’t vote. But I’m incredibly happy that Obama won too, because I would have voted for him also! πŸ˜€

    And ooh, congratulations on the domain registration for bubble.nu! Heh. I can’t wait to see the finished site!

    Sheeda last blogged: And then he’s 2..

  5. I’m not happy that Obama became president and I live in the United States. Guaranteed he cannot keep the promises he’s been creating…He contradicts himself when he says he will help and change things for EVERYONE. No…he will help the poor, just the ones that sit on their butts. There are plenty of poor people who actually work hard who deserve this change. The people who could get a better job than working at McDonald’s when they are 42 and choose to get their hair and nails done instead of feed their children are the people who don’t deserve it, but believe they do and that is exactly why they voted for Obama. I don’t know why it is hard for people to understand that the money they would SO hard for is going to people who do not deserve it. Now granted, the extremely poor people do need help, I am not against that, but the United States as a whole cannot afford to have everyone on welfare and taxing people to death can only make worse and people more angry. ANYWAYS! I’M SO SORRY! I’m not trying to be mean in anyway here. Just stating my opinions. First visit here and I’ve been blunt. I hope you don’t hate me. Hahaha.

    Anyways, I really just wanted to say that I liked your layout!!!

  6. Soo… I just went to your lovely collective and saw ThreeMinuteFiction. I’m thinking…that you should get it up soonish. Like by Christmas because that sounds amazingly fun. πŸ˜›

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