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14 years

I am going through a period of low inspiration at the moment (which could be related to playing too much Tomb Raider Legend and Age of Mythology :0 ). I haven’t been able to create any good website designs or art. I know this is a design/creativity lull and I will pull through, it’s just annoying. :l

I brought four new domains for Bubble (,, and, two are .nu extensions! One ( was listed in the Namecheap marketplace and I just had to have it because it was beautiful and I thought would be enjoyed by members. I also had to renew some older domains and it added up to a bit, all worth it though! 3_3

I guess I should get back to doing important things *coughgamingcough*. 😉

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  1. @Nadine: It’s very cool. You have to browse the listed ones and then you just add them to your cart and they are transferred over to you when payment is done. 😀

  2. oh is gorgeous! I love it!
    I’m feeling a bit more inspired to work again on my own .nu domain – I always feel my sites are so empty though, I need to be a more creative or something, they end up just sitting there because I never have anything worth putting in them /fail.

  3. I get in those stages a lot, usually when I have a deadline to fulfill on a website design– then my brain is like “Nein, mistress, we shall not fulfill your need to get this done and anything you make will have us near exploding in anger.”

    … and then I cry.

    That being said, I’m sure you’ll shake it off soon, Kyaness, nothing can keep you down for long. <3
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  4. is adorable!

    It’s a shame you’re feeling uninspired, because judging from the layouts I have seen you make, they are incredible!

    I hope you get that creative feeling back again 🙂

    .-= Last Post: Thank you! =-.

  5. No! You bought new domains and got Bubble up and this is a lack of inspiration? You must be extra-specially wonderful when you do have inspiration 🙂

    Speaking of domains, where do you buy .nu domains from when they’re new? I’ve never been able to work it out.
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  6. You’re so amazingly creative! 😀 One of the persons I admire the most on the web world. Don’t worry, inspiration will come back soon. ^^ Just have fun now, and then who knows? Perhaps something good can come up from all these gaming sessions. 🙂 I know from experience that anything that catches us can be inspiring.

    A hug,
    Luana S.
    .-= Last Post: I finally passed!! And week’s projects =-.

  7. I think we all go through that, when we can’t even come up with a single idea. You’ll get out of it though. :B sounds really pretty. I think it will be funny if someone gets it for a subdomain and the first part is Hehe. It would be ironic. 😉 Have fun gaming. 🙂 and Hope you get your inspiration back soon. ^_^
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  8. Gaming is something I… used to like. Not so much anymore, though. I used to play a lot of adventure games as that was more my scene. 😀

    I actually think was owned by Jessica of! I love the name though. I also like snooping the NameCheap marketplace; that’s where I got and fell in love!

    .nu domains are so pretty. Admittedly they’re expensive but I always had a few ideas, like,, (I’m just dumping ideas here in case you might want for Bubble later)… but after some thought, I didn’t want to purchase them anymore. I’m happy with and I don’t want to blow money on a domain I’m not 100% sure about!

    RE: I finished the first Harry Potter book! It was so amusing, because it was very kiddish. xD I might pick up the second book soon, I also have other books I want to read during my break! 8D
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  9. One can never have to many games to play. Or at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 😀

    I’d have to say that and are my two favorites out of the ones you just listed. You keep making me want to apply for a subdomain just so I can have a url with one of those sexy domain names in it! It never ceases to amaze me how much you do for Bubble and its community. You truly are an amazing and kind-hearted woman. ?
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  10. so frustrated! i want to get this downloaded to my ipod touch so i can show my friend, but i cant find a way.. will show me how please??

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