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10 years

Today I received some adorable gifts in the mail from my dear friend Nicole. So many adorable gifts that I love. I have been a bit spoilt with gifts lately, but I am going to be good and send some in return. I promise. πŸ˜€


1. Owl tee, 2. 2015 Diary, 3. Owl Journal, 4. Sun & Moon friendship necklace, 5. Owl noodle head cute thing, 6. Hello Kitty reindeer, 7. Hilarious card, 8. Stickers, 9. 2014 Diary and 10. Special message from an adorable boy.

Thank you so so so so so so so so much Nicole not only for sending me these gifts that I love and cherish, but also sending gifts for my mum and dad that they love too. <3 You rock suck forever.


1. What is on your Christmas wishlist?
2. When did you last post a gift to a friend?
3. Have you ever taken part in gift exchanges online?

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  1. Such a cute package! The owl noodle head cute thing is the bestest πŸ˜›

    This reminds me I need to send a care package to my friend soon, she’s posted me two things now.

  2. So cuuute!!! <3 <3
    So many gorgeous and fluffy gifts; I love all of them, though my favorites would be the journal and the postcard. πŸ™‚
    As for the questions.

    1) A new iMac/MacBook, a new iPad, an iPad cover, new headphones, a new HP laptop, N.C.I.S. old seasons DVDs – those are what I currently want most.
    2) I prefer to give my gift in person; any other ways feels impersonal to me.
    3) Nope, didn't even know those existed until now. 0_0

    1. Giving gifts in person is a really cool feeling as well. I wish I lived closer to many of my dear friends so I could do that. >.<

  3. Lovely package! So many owls and so much cuteness! <3

    My Christmas wishlist includes 2 figures, one of them is β€œFairy Garden” Annabel figure by Kotobukiya, though I will have to wait until they release her in February next year. It will be a belated Christmas present along with the other one I want.

    I usually don't send gifts by mail because I'm scared they could get lost/broken/stolen (post in my country lacks of everything, really bad service). I've never taken part in a gift exchange online, mostly because of the very same reason, but I would love to try one day! |)

    1. I hope that you are able to get them. Even if you have to wait a little later.

      That is another part of sending gifts by mail (outside of cost) is you never know if what you send will arrive. I have only ever had it happen a few times, but I know sometimes around the holidays it can be way more common too. πŸ™

  4. You always get the nicest gifts! They all look so adorable and everything! I notice the owl-ness here again :P. Love it!

    I haven’t even bothered with a Christmas wishlist yet. If I do, I probably want a Coach watch….. :o. And the last time I post a gift to a friend was maybe last year?! I don’t remember; and I tried doing gift exchanges with some bloggers a few years ago. I sent out the gifts but never got anything back in return; oh wells. No harm done *o*.

  5. Squeeeee. I LOVE EVERYTHING. Oh you lucky thing! You deserve to be spoiled. *squishugs*
    Might I commend her for her refined and awesome taste? <3
    Love the tee and 2015 orgnaizer!

    1. What is on your Christmas wishlist?
    Ahh tough one. I need to take a longer time to think about it and blog about it.
    2. When did you last post a gift to a friend?
    To you silly! πŸ˜€
    3. Have you ever taken part in gift exchanges online?
    Uhhh yes I have! Would love to again actually.

  6. The 2014 diary is my favorite! I want a new camera for Christmas. I might just save the money and buy it for myself though. I’ve never done gift exchanges online but I’m definitely interested!

  7. How lovely of Nicole to send you all these gifts! :))) They are all so cute and suit you so much. I’m not surprised you love all of the things!

    1. What is on your Christmas wishlist?
    Not much. Enough for me to be able to afford. πŸ˜‰ I would like some particular CDs, a new ear piercing, wallet, umbrella and sunglasses. And a new vinyl record player!

    2. When did you last post a gift to a friend?
    Hmm, it has been a while. Probably back in July, I sent my friend some rings because she wanted some new jewellery.

    3. Have you ever taken part in gift exchanges online?
    TFL Secret Santa still takes place, so I got β€œdigital” gifts. I participated in real gift exchanges, but unfortunately it didn’t go too well – most of the time I never got a gift from the other person. It was kind of upsetting because I thought these people were my friends but they were obviously only in it to receive. I had been rather giving, and spent quite a bit of money on some gifts. πŸ™

    1. Oh that would have been a big shame, not getting anything in return. I know how much effort you put into gifts and cards, they always look so lovely. It is expensive. πŸ™

  8. I love your gifts! Owls are my favourite. I should take a photo of all my owl stuff and post it on my blog haha.

    1. What is on your Christmas wishlist?
    I don’t really have anything I want for Christmas now that I’m getting older. There are a few big ticket items I have been thinking about buying over the next year. Right now I’m looking at getting my first smartphone, my first car, and maybe a new bed. Usually I just ask my family to give me money towards those types of things. For my birthday they sent me some money which I put towards the purchase of an $800 sofa couch.

    2. When did you last post a gift to a friend?
    I sent gifts home for my family a couple years ago and it cost a lot more money than I was expecting. I haven’t really sent gifts to people other than that. It is something I would love to do more often, if only it didn’t cost so much.

    3. Have you ever taken part in gift exchanges online?
    I’ve done greeting card exchanges in the past and used to have a pen pal that I would exchange stickers with. But as for actual gifts, this is not something I have done because of the reasons above. How can you afford to send gifts to people?

  9. that one time i wanted to send gifts to my friends in manila and U.S but couldn’t because shipping fee is too much. sigh. i hate living in a forgotten, neglected, under developed country LOL. i did receive a postcard of some sort from a friend in manila once though.

    so many owl gifts! they’re so adorable *o* is owl your favorite animal or something? one of my life goals include having an owl pet haha i hope that can come true in the future, along with having a black cat and a dog as pets.

    my family and i, we never really exchanged gifts during christmas. first because christmas is overlooked in this country and second because it’s not a thing for gift exchange even in families who celebrate christmas. considering how my parents aren’t christians, christmas doesn’t really mean anything to us. i remember asking a christmas gift from my mom when i was like 10 or something and it didn’t happen. i didn’t receive anything LOL. i did received stuffed animals when i was like 5 or 8 from my dad and some relatives and then everything just stopped. nobody cares about that anymore haha

    still, if i have to say, a christmas gift that i give to myself is probably my recently purchased axentwear cat headphone? ;w; since i bought with my own savings…i’m basically gonna consider that as a gift to myself LOL how sad. i mean, i’d love another pair of new Vans but eh, i’ll not ask that to my parents… they’d chop me and say i have too many sneakers for my own good. that or i really want a new video game ugh

    1. Shipping is difficult, and the further away you are from many of the major retail locations (like USA) the more expensive it becomes. πŸ™

      I love so many animals, owls are probably my ‘highlighted love’ right now. πŸ˜€ I don’t think I would ever want one as a pet because I couldn’t bare to feed them live animals, or anything like that. So it wouldn’t be a good fit. :p

      I guess we all have different traditions and way we live. There is nothing wrong with that at all, and really it teaches you a lot more too. I am not religious, but I still share gifts. πŸ™‚

  10. Nicole was adorable to send gifts not just for you, but even for your parents! πŸ˜€ Those agendas are especially sweet to my eyes. (And Silver was cool, too. You have such kind-hearted, generous friends, Kya!)

    1. What is on your Christmas wishlist?

    I don’t know yet. If I get a bit of extra cash in December, I’ll buy myself a new domain and a textbook.

    2. When did you last post a gift to a friend?

    A few months ago, I think. That was for Jenny of (she sent me a cute postcard, too!). Postage cost went up here in Italy, so I have to budget carefully. ^^’

    3. Have you ever taken part in gift exchanges online?

    Nope, I exchange individually. πŸ™‚


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