new layout :D

19 years

25 days till my birthday.

New layout and I think it fits very goodly because I will be 18 soon and tis all wonderfully wonderful :D, I am also teh happy because omg I have some new hostees thanks to everyone that has applied it makes me so happy because I can help other people to not have the adds or other sites and it’s just fun!!

I have been going insane and crazy, because I want so many things for my birthday but I don’t really. You know how somtimes you want things but you have your eyes closed, then somtimes you will open them and realise that you want a new flip phone, a hosting domain / reseller, chanel no. 5, and the list goes on. At the moment I would probably be lucky to get any one of those things, but I am still happy about my party (:

Thanks for comments, I shall be going on a major comment spree so watch out it could be you next xP

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  1. dudie 😀 I love this new layout!.. and its PINK! LOL <33 i like very much! :heart:. :D YAy for hostees *dances* fun isn't it? hehe Yay!
    :O Kassers birthday in 25 days :O hehe love you!

  2. dum dum dum. 25 days counting down. wheee. xD
    Oooh cute new layout, it captures the valentine’s festive mood lol :heart: oo I just love the way how it’s pieced out. real unique.

  3. Yey! Birthdays, gotta love ’em! Let’s hope you get the stuff you want!

    I <33 the layout...b-e-a-utiful! You like pink dontcha? :P

    Okay, 23 days and counting, yey!!

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