New Layout :D thanks Kaori

19 years

😉 Like the new swanky layout it was a birthday gift from Kaori all them weeks back when it was my birthday how I miss that, oh well into the land of the old people now. I just imagined me dancing down the road singing that part of Eminems song ARRH ARRRH. So cute, or so insane either way BRILLIANT.

I don’t really want to talk about all the weird cyber bullying that has been going on because I don’t want to be a Nagative person so I will just say I have my friends and I stick by them. Kaori is my friend and I adore her to bits.

I have been doing school work, whoa yes I know so weird that it makes my brain think. Even now while I have a metal basket on my head…. please don’t ask.

I don’t really have much else to say but live well dear peoples 😎

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  1. Woow, very nice layout! I dont know shit about that online ‘fight’ thats going. I heard some things about it. But I dont get it. well I hope everything is gonna be okay 🙂 much love :heart:

  2. LOVE the layout it’s great! Sorry to hear about the whole online bullying thing but hopefully it’ll all get sorted out 🙂 xxx

  3. Kya. I love you to bits. You would never say anything horrible about anyone! I admire that. Not a bad bone in your body. 😉 The layout is gorgeous. Kaori is nice to have made it for you. Love you. xx <3 :heart:

  4. Hey hey babe! *kisses* you are a such a loyal friend! I could never dream of a more considerate caring person then you 🙂 my crazy girl witha metal basket on her head 😀 And you’re not old! 18 is so young! Maybe when you hit 100 I’ll call you ‘aged’ 😉 *hugs* ttys lovely! xoxo

  5. Hi. It’s my first time here. Awesome site =D I love your xtina layout! Your content is awesome too! 🙂 Green Day rocks! Hey and Happy late 18th Bday whenever it was! I’ll be back

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