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19 years

Hello, I am really happy to now have my blog here because it makes me feel fresh and plus I can have Grey Matter which makes it so easy to use!! hehe. I have a really bad tooth ache at the moment and have for a few days it just kills! So I am going to the dentist on Friday to have it pulled out, It needs to be done but still scary, but better then pytting up with the current pain. Make sure to give Yimin some loving. Other than that I don’t really have that much to say, but I am off to join some fanlisting, find some new affiliates and join listings

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  1. Hello my darling 🙂
    Firstly your layout looks amazing! I love this whole new style. Its beautiful and so Kya 😀 Its good to see you bloggaging. I’m going to be getting back into the swing of it very soon ;). I know what you mean feeling a bit annoyed about your posts. I find that my posts are becoming more and more pointless and maybe thats the reason I had to just stop and go on an unplanned hiatus.
    I think its quite scary to one second being young and free and the next being an adult with responsibilities. There is nothing wrong at all with having inner childness and keeping happy memories etc. It makes us who we are. I agree with you and I love the way you express your views. Having a childish mind keeps you young at heart and age. If people didn’t have at least some inner child within them.. they would be so boring 😛
    Love you very much

  2. :heart: :heart: :heart: meeep! Just stopping by to say I love you! And that I plugged you thrice *moochers* I wish you were online right now.

  3. Hey there!!! I use to like gm, but its so easily hackable that I try to stay away from it, b2 is not too bad and MT and WP are pretty good too.

    Anyway just wanted to thank you for visiting and linking us back, have a great week!

  4. This pinkish style suits you darling! I really love it :heart: Just keep up the good work, like you have done before, and I will become even more pround of you!

  5. Hey darling! wow I totally adore! :heart: I’m loving every bit of it! So glad you got gm working and these smileys are too cute! Hope you can get them teeth checked out! pain is definitely no good! :frown: Take care darling heart! *smooch*

  6. Awesome layout! I love Drew

    Eeek, dentists! I’m so afraid of them XP Last time I went to one I had my wisdom teeth extracted lol

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