My heart is in a broken bloom

16 years

I will be leaving for Sydney early tomorrow morning and will be away for four days while Dad has his operation. I won’t have internet access so I will return comments and any emails when I get back. It will probably be a nervous and tiring trip, but I will take my iPod, books and probably buy some magazines to try and keep myself occupied and not loose it. Thankfully Mum will be there too and she is very strong. We will kick that bastard named Cancer out of my father and he WILL be fine!

In the mean time, keep voting on the domain poll. When I get back it will be almost time to register the winning name, then I can start working on it and hosting people. Yayy.

Lastly, how have things been going spiritually? Quite well, I have been advancing wonderfully, but because of my Dads cancer I have decided that I need to take a break and focus on him! It is very important, and those I have been working with completely understand and have been sending their energies as well, which is lovely. :k

Until I return I hope everyone stays well. I hope the next time I blog it is with really good news and nothing else. I can hope that is what shall happen. 🙂

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  1. I’m hoping the very same thing, Kya kitty. I hope you get a book or two read, which would be good. 🙂 It will most definitely keep your mind off of everything and will make you feel accomplished after.

    I am seriously so curious as to what your spirituality is like because it sounds so similar to mine, but I’m a little lost there, so year. I am just curious. 😛

    Good luck! I’ll send you mine as well. Love! (since I can’t make hearts… *kicks blogging programs*

  2. Awww I really want fizzle to win!!! Rar 🙁 Too bad bubbly’s still leading.

    Anyway good luck with your dad’s operation. I’m really praying that it will be a successful one. My mom’s stronger than I am as well.

    Gel last blogged: ze snack box!.

  3. I wish your family all the best in your fight for your dad’s health! And try to enjoy your trip. It’s hard when your mind is so preoccupied, but I think headphones and a good book are the best way to distract. And as for your domain poll….I like bubble! You’re reminding me that there’s at least two more domains I’d love to have even though I can’t seem to keep up or even set up the three I have lol.

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