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18 years

I sent my story away, I am a bit nervious about it. It would be so wonderful to win, but at the same time, I am not placing my hopes too high. If I won the $700 would go towards something, that I can’t speak of at this moment. >:O.

I also voted for the first time yesterday. We had a local election and had to vote, I actually had no idea there was one, lucky dad rang up. I don’t know about the laws in other countries but in Australia you have to vote, if you don’t you face up to a $400 fine. That wouldn’t have been good. šŸ˜‰

The darling Nicole has a new domain, so make sure you give her some love and spam her good, mwuaha. šŸ˜”

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  1. Well, even if you don’t win, Kya, I think your story was so incredibly amazing. šŸ˜€ I loved it so! Good luck! šŸ˜€ You inspired me to finally start thinking up ideas for my own story last night.

    Woah. You don’t HAVE to vote here. An up to $400 find definitely would not be a good thing! Eek. Did you have fun? Did you see any personalities running around?

    Awl, thanks for the plug, Kya! And Zanta, shut up!

  2. Aww well I hope you win the contest cause then you got some spending money going on šŸ˜‰

    Ohh I see about the voting. I think here it’s your choice if you want to vote or not.

  3. I hope you win that contest! I’ve never voted before because I’m underage, but even when I turn 18, I don’t think I want to vote. What exactly were you voting for?

  4. Spam says: Is your refrigerator running?

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  5. Did I ever told you how effing hott you look in that new diaper, Lil? I mean, DAYMMMMM, baby got back yo

  6. OMG, Kya, there are so many people spamming my site right now. :S

    Thanks a lot for plugging my site!!!!! Some friend you are!

  7. Nicole says:
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    We have offically lost it! IT has left the building
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    ahahah I replied on my site. ;D
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    I just ddi on mine, too,.
    Nicole says:
    Kya says:
    ahahahh crazy bastards. xP

  8. AHAHAHAHHAHA I almost apologized for leaving a double comment… yeah, that makes sense after I spammed you a bunch> :S CRACK ZONE HERE I COME!

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  10. 1. Kya is spamming me right now.
    2. Kya is a Kasshole.
    4. Kya eats noodles and then turns into a scary lady. šŸ™
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    6. Kya’s sock puppet acts apparently cause people to want to start fires.
    7. Kya should not use the oven unsupervised.
    8. Kya has a thing for searching through the couch for cash. She is lucky when she does this. She gets money. When I did it, I got lint or something like it.
    9. Kya fears she will create a dish that is nauseating, yet it is one her wants to make a dish for someone.
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  11. That’s a terrific law you’ve got there! People would *definitely* need that in the US, and here in Germany! Every vote counts, and that’s very important when you have complete idiots like George Bush as a candidate….

  12. You write? So do I, although I’m a little sheepish on the sending things away. I’m sure the story is great šŸ™‚

    You HAVE to vote? I didn’t know that, we here in England don’t have to. (I don’t think)

    Good luck with the competition

    Chance x

  13. Hey hun! It’s alyssa from just letting you know I got a new domain at so please update your links! thanks

  14. The first election where I voted was.. the presidental election *scary*. But it all went well. Voting is kind of know that you can make a difference.

  15. wow, voting should be optional! that’s idiotic. we don’t have to vote, but if you don’t know anything about politics, you can always vote blank just to show you care. I hope you win, any chances we’ll get to read? šŸ˜€ hehe

  16. Hope you win! Love this layout too, its really nice annd those avatars in the post underneath this one are very good, u have amazing talent

  17. Oh WOW – I wish there was a fine for those who didn’t vote in elections here in the USA. Our voters turnout is always so damn low. BLAH. Not enough patriotic folks I suppose. And of course it’s always the idiot who didn’t vote who complains the loudest about the state of the government. XD

  18. Wow. Neat spam.
    Anyway, I hope you win. That’d be fantastic. Oh, and yay for voting. šŸ™‚ I still have some more years to go.

  19. wow. you have to vote? thats how it should be here. lol. Anyway, I’m sure your story was great! love your site and thanks for the comment šŸ˜€

  20. Oooh excitement. I’m sure you will do well! Well I hope you do well :D!

    You don’t have to vote here. That’s ridiculous that you get fined! I’m the right age to vote now as well but I don’t have a clue about politics lol :X x

  21. Hey hun! I hope you win the $700! Wow, you have to vote in Australia? Good thing you voted though, so you don’t get fined. I wonder how they find out if you didn’t vote or something. xD Anyway, I have a new domain! Can you update my link? Thanks so much! Take cares xoxo

  22. awwh i hope you wiN! i have my fingers crossed for yoU! awwh i cant wait until im 18 and i can vote! so where do you live?

  23. Wow… that’s a lot of comments for this particular post that … don’t really relate to the post itself. =

    Anyway… I hope that you place well in the contest! ^_^

    That’s nice that Australia MAKES everybody vote. I wish the US could do the same; we have such a low turnout amongst the younger population. =(

  24. Good luck with your story! I hope you win. šŸ™‚ $ 700 is a lot! šŸ˜® So how was voting for the first time? šŸ˜‰ I never knew you have to pay a fine in Australia if you don’t vote. :S Good thing you did! šŸ˜›

  25. I still think you should win, though!! 700 is a good amount! Congrats on voting, and that’s a good way to make people vote. A fine is what makes people go.

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