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18 years

Ok, I have a domain collective now. But because it keeps being a little brat and every time I say the name of it these weird errors occure for no reason at all, you will have to click on the side bar to see it. 😛

Seriously the ***** (in the name of the domain) are using some powerful magic. Firstly I had tried to install enth on the domain itself, for three days I tried and had contacted my host several times and we all had no idea. So I installed the exact same thing on another domain and it worked. So enth runs on another domain, but when i tried to add the domain collective, domain, to the collective the error happend again. Some funky stuff right? Well I just tried to blog and I mentined the name and guess what, same fricken error!

I think I should be more carefull of what I have in my domain names next time, you never know when they are going to turn evil and kill you! *snort*

 Love and best wishes to all!

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  1. Haha, aww sorry with the bad luck on the error things. I hate it when that happens. Isn’t there a way to contact the script maker or something? I dunno don’t listen to me lol i have terrible ideas >.

  2. Hey there lovely!
    Sorry about all the trouble with the name! But it is a lovely domain and I totally dig the layout despite what Draco has to say about it! 😉

  3. Eeheeeeheheee! New domain, YAY! *tosses confetti* I thoroughy enjoy the name, despite it’s evil-ton ways towards you and loverly Enth. Tsk tsk, domain. Gotta keep that guy in line 😛 Yay! Teh Ryan is part of the grand domain collective! *squishqsuish*

  4. dude it was seriously being weird!! maybe it was upset for draco? but at least it let you type it at TFL :D:D

    I’m letting night time go bye bye and buy 2 more domains .. i ay have told you about this.

    one i will swap with a domain i have and then i’ll use that for a domina collective 😀 don’t know what i’ll do with the other one ….. hmmmm maybe i could have my own wiki. *cough* anyway enough about me *slaps wrist* alice shush you self centered silly billy.

    *snuggle* love to you sugar

  5. wow, I have never seen anyone with a domain collective! wow, you really do have a lot of doimains girl 😛 I am having problems with enth too, but I guess it’s me and not the domain lmao 😛 I don’t get how you can afford it though,. amazing 🙂

  6. Haha, no offense intended, but those FCJGHMFLINSD (I almost forgot the second F!) having no clue what’s going on really doesn’t surprise me. 😛 I am really glad you got it to work now though. I would have been like MICH HALE, Muggle fushkers!!! (If I had to battle them) It is crazy what those type can do. Lets just be glad neither of us has the domain name Imagine trying to keep that domain error free. Ack. :S It is scary sheet that the same error occurred in your blog, Mistress Malfoy, upon mentioning the name-that-must-not-be-types. Very scary indeed! Mm hmm, you should. Like that other blondie of yours. If you used him, dude.. He would break the internet. I am not kidding. *Trembles uncontrollably*

  7. Hmm.. weird things happening in your collective, then. We are living magical times ^^!.. Anyways! (about your comment to m´ah blog)-> So great that you were thinking about me when you saw a River Phoenix DVD!! ^^ cool. Yup, yup. Remember what dvd it was? He only made like 10 movies so..

  8. Hello lovelywigglings 🙂
    I love the domain name for your domain collective. Yay! 😀 Even if its causing weird errors. Its gorgeous and looks beautiful. 😛 How bizzarely odd those errors are o.O weird thing *rolls eyes* 😉
    Ooh! and I’ve only just noticed that my last email never got sent to you :S.. it only got saved as a draft xP *dies* I think I might have pressed the wrong button and not even realised it. Thank you though darl.
    I love youu!

  9. Sorry for a late comment. But err, wow. I don’t like weird errors. They are evil. But I still love the new domain name for your… domain collective. It’s pretty :3.

    Pretty pretty…

  10. Omg, I love you domain collective. The name just rocks (to the point where it wants to be a stupid thing), and so does the layout. Maybe the problems have to do the with the hyphen? But I can’t imagine why that’d cause such problems.

    Good luck with getting it all sorted out! I hope that the stupid thing decides to behave and you can get rid of the ****’s.

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